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Viewing Single Post From: Relic Hunter [Open]
Geo continued his watch of the two Wave Warriors, a nagging voice in the back of his head willing him to come out of hiding and go forward. Even though he was a wielder of stealth, he always longed to be in the fray, duking it out with the best of them. That was why, despite his practice in mid to long range weapons, he never stopped using that sword of his. That side of him was now tugging at him much harder as he began to recognize the other Wave Warrior, Damn. Who is this guy...?

As the Real Wave displays shifted, Geo's eyes moved to them without losing his stealthy, rhythmic breathing, Oh, great. He's messing around with the displays. Trying to make the place more themat--...? Wait, huh...? The ninja-like young man flinched for once as more waves became visible to him, turning the room from an elegant museum to more like a purple, crystallized cave of some sorts! He knew that he'd essentially lost the benefit of surprise when he himself had been surprised, but all of the stealth lessons in the world couldn't prepare you for the very floor underneath your feet changing. Besides, it was most likely that with that change, this Wave Warrior had full control of the room, and could see him despite his hidden status.

When the Wave Warrior finally called him out, Geo grimaced, before a voice whispered from his Hunter, "I'm sorry, Geo. Your sneaking was perfect, but this guy...he was practically dragging me towards him..." Raising an eyebrow, Geo paused for a moment to consider that wording before shaking his head thoughtfully, whispering in return, "Don't worry about it. I'd prefer it this way, anyways." Without so much as Wave Changing, Geo bravely stepped out from the shadows, leaning against the pillar he had just been hiding behind. A calm smile hung on his face as his hands rest on his jacket pockets, "Yo. You've changed quite a bit...and even gained a few new tricks, haven't you...Ken?"

It had been some long years since the two had met, but Geo had put his chips on the table and bet it all on this being that same kid from the mall all those years ago. That prideful way of speaking, and the insistence of having a fair, honorable fight...there was no mistaking it. Even if those aspects of him had seemed to grow a bit just as he had.
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