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Viewing Single Post From: Relic Hunter [Open]
Nightshade would allow his opponent's blade to graze him, for now. He studied his movements, his balance, what side he preferred. What attack patterns he had. He studied everything. Once he figured out the opening in his guard, he acted. Slotting in chips one after the other, the warrior deliverd three quick basic counters when it was possible, clawing at the target at any opportunity he had. He would the realize to third's warrior's intention and would be disengaging from Shade as soon as the third wave warrior began firing.

Without saying a word, the feline em being pulled out a spheric widget and activated it by throwing it on the ground near them. It sent out a pulse straight to Satella's HQ, followed by a audio recording of the last few minutes. The other guy used the thief's real name. Satella could possibly track the voices of people and getinfo on the guy to throw in jail. Nightshade himself lowered into his fight stance, flawless fencing technique already at work.

HP:69% (Online)
BCard: Recover 200-Guard-Area Steal-Area Steal-Longsword-Recover 200


Cross Cut x3
CqC Shadow
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