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Viewing Single Post From: Relic Hunter [Open]
When he went on the offensive, his opponent just stood and took it. As he struck, he watched his opponent's every move, and the man didn't take any defensive action, but, his eyes were moving. Those eyes were the eyes of a discerning man, trying to study his movements and familiarize himself with his weaknesses. There were ways to go about studying someone's movements and find their weaknesses without a single defensive move.

Which meant either the man had a lot of bravado, or had never been in a real fight in his life. The fact that he studied him, even if poorly, meant he had some level of experience in a proper battle, which he had a lot of bravado. That was worse. A warrior who believed they had a name for themselves got sloppy, and, even worse, got desperate. Even Shade, in his many years of experience, never overplayed his own boundaries.

Partway through his onslaught, the man feigned defense, and, instead, his visor read a sudden shift of momentum. A rapid shift forward, and Shade suddenly noticed his shimmering claws swiping through the air. His instincts came to him first, and his body curved to one side as he swung to avoid the first swing. He saw the second swipe, his adrenaline properly pumping, in slow motion, and saw data flow across his visor as he activated a battle card. A yellow array emerged around him, and the futile swipes lost all momentum and strength.

As for the other man, when Shade offered his name, the man he knew as Geo pointed a buster at him. Shade tsked, never understanding why people couldn't appreciate a simple sword fight. Someone always had to bring a gun. That was alright, though; he knew a thing or two about forcing someone to play by his rules.

The first burst flew, and Shade curved his body to one side, simply letting the blast fly right by his face, even with his aura around him. He felt the power emanating from the blast as it grazed by, his face pulled on by the condensed gravity. Interesting weapon, that channeled gravity. He'd only ever seen another Wave Warrior with powers quite like that. Funnily enough, that was also not a very pleasant meeting.

Shade saw his barrage of shadowy pelts. Something he knew from being a rapid fighter, himself - you had to know how to fight with many strikes, and multiple pelts of bullets couldn't cut through his aura. The pelts of shadow practically melted on contact with the protective yellow sphere, which he noticed was tinting his vision. With a tap, his visor adjusted to the tinge, and his vision was fixed.

Then, the man switched things up, and, suddenly, he was charging towards him. He grinned, sliding his foot and turning his body, raising his knee so that the warrior's body would bend over his leg, stopping the brunt of the attack and causing a jarring experience lest the other warrior halted.

He turned to look back at Nightshade, recalling how he'd examined his every step with his sword. He had plenty of ways to throw him off of his swordplay, especially considering his fencing stance. An interesting one, really; who gets into a stance for a sport that utilizes something barely qualified as a blade in the middle of a fight? It's not even an intricate style of swordplay; only a single lethal point on the entire weapon. The stance is also unbalanced and horrible so situational; outside of a fencing match, it's practically useless.

"Don't mistake my skill as overconfidence. I'm aware of my limits . . . and I doubt either of you can push me to them." He dismisses his swords, the weapons disintegrating in his grip, feeling their weight return to the inside of his arms. Turning to Geo, who was closest in proximity, Shade threw a simple side punch and then leaped, spinning in mid air to bring his blazing foot crashing down onto the Wave Warrior.

He turned his glowing purple gaze back to Nightshade, and, while still on the ground, simply shifted his chin. The purple waves underneath Nightshade sprouted up and protruded at his will, a single spike rising to stab him from below. As the spike sunk back into the ground, Shade pressed his palm against the ground and used the force to flip back up, into the air, and land in front of Nightshade.

"Your observational skills are keen, I'll give you that. They'll need to be keener to recognize any of the many fighting styles I can switch between." Raising his blazing hands, the purple waves shifted and morphed, and, as he swung them as though to chop, they shifted into daggers, aimed at Nightshade's face.

[Health] - 100%
[Status] - Okay!
[Cooldown] -
- [Cross Slash] - [1/3]

[Custom Screen]
{Bushido}-{1/8}-{Santa Claws}

Actions [NOTE: 1v2, I have 3 Attacks per turn per opponent]
- Nightshade:
1. Aura, Predation!
2. Unstated Ranged Attack @ Moderate Damage
3. Unstated Melee Attack @ Moderate Damage

- VoidMan:
1. Unstated Melee Attack @ Moderate Damage
2. Unstated Melee Attack @ Moderate Damage
3. Unstated Melee Attack @ Moderate Damage

Attack Information
Active Abilities
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