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Viewing Single Post From: Relic Hunter [Open]
While spinning in his strike against Nightshade, Shade felt the wind of an attack against his aura. His defense flickered, and then faded away; had it not been for the split second it took for his visor to readjust to the aura's absence, he wouldn't have even noticed it disappearing.

He carried out his spinning slash on Nightshade, even as the fencing advocate bounced away, until he was face to face with VoidMan, who had just flung his second sword swing. He finished out the turn and slammed his foot down to stop himself, letting the remaining momentum push his hand to catch the sword mid-swing. Hardening his darklight waves as he came into contact with it, he felt the majority of the weapon cushion off into his hand, but, knew that his extra cushion wouldn't hold up to another blow. Wary of just how far away the other warrior had leaped, he considered his options -

- and allowed the final swing to strike him on his shoulder. The blade smashed into his spaulder, and caught onto the metallic substance. He felt the jarring agony through his whole arm, as it vibrated down the sword and through his wave form.

He didn't have the time to think on the pain, as he already heard the other pest running up behind him. Shade, still close to VoidMan, simply dipped to the right and slid, leaving Nightshade on a direct path for VoidMan's face, rather than his own.

Shade turned and pushed off on his feet, careening from his slide into a short hop away, landing a little ways away from the wall of the building. He turned his head, lifting up his shoulder to try and get a glance at the dent on his spaulder. He couldn't see it too well, which meant it wasn't nearly as bad as it had felt. While he wasn't worried about either of them, he had to keep in mind that this wasn't a pair of crazed men, looking and fighting each other over a chance at a sword; they were both in full collection of their own wares. Not that it would change much; a two person fight with clear minded folks was about the same intensity as a four person mad slaughter fest.

He had put a little bit of distance between him and the fuss, and, with the wall to his back, he was going to make the warriors come to him. With the both of them still wrapped up with one another, he drew his blades out of his shoulders, and channeled his power over them. The weapons were coated in his dark aura, and, as he swung them in front of him, the two blades were suddenly elongated onto a set of ebony chains. Whirling around the lengths of chain, he swings the three meter chain in a cross slash. Once his blades were at their highest arc, he pulled his arms back in, to force the bladed chains to come back inwards on his opponents.

"Y'know, I think I'll stick with the whole 'No Small Talk' stipulation. You guys are either hurtful or full of bravado."

[Health] - 91%
[Status] - Okay!
[Cooldown] -
- [Cross Slash] - [2/3]
- [Cross Parry] - [0/5]

[Custom Screen]
{Bushido}-{2/8}-{Santa Claws}

Actions [NOTE: 1v2, I have 3 Attacks per turn per opponent]
- Nightshade:
1. Two-Weapon Rend
2. Dark Chain @ [Low Moderate] 2 Hits, High and Pitiful. Pierces.
3. Dark Chain @ [Low] 2 Hits, Moderate, Pitiful.

- VoidMan:
1. Cross Parry @ Moderate Shield
2. Dark Chain @ [Low Moderate] 2 Hits, High and Pitiful. Pierces.
3. Dark Chain @ [Low] 2 Hits, Moderate, Pitiful.

Attack Information
Active Abilities
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