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Viewing Single Post From: Relic Hunter [Open]
Nightshade would happily allow the guy to assault the other warrior. And while the two were duking it out he would leap away from their position and then Area Steal to the box containing the urn at the exact same time. He would throw a spherical widget at the two shouting "GRENADE!", which by the look of the thing amd the increasingly fast beeping it could totally be an actual hand crafted grenade, after grabbing the box with the urn inside and gun it for the exit. If this was the thing that guy was after, he wouldn't let it get in his hands. He would use every onuce of speed to run to the first available exit. Jumping out of a open window, the cat warrior would jump on the first wave road available that lead straight to satella HQ.

The two could happily kill eachother all day long. That urn would be instead be inside by the Satella Vault with Mehk and Ace guarding it for sure.
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