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SFRP v5 - System Overhaul

The fifth major system change of the Star Force RP includes changes to Weapons, Elements, Virus Threads, the Card Library and more. Feel free to visit the full v5 Updates Thread to see all the changes that have been made.

If you're new, feel free to look around the board. Make yourself known in the Hello & Goodbye Forum, or join the Chat Box at the bottom of the home page. If you have a Discord, follow the link provided and join our much more active Discord Channel. Feel free to ask questions whenever you need help.

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Virus / Battle Card Updates

Posted by Gaia (Root Administrator) at Dec 3 2016, 12:45 AM. One comment

Viruses and Battle Cards have always been a point of controversy, especially in the constantly discussed system of the Virus Threads themselves. Each time we revisit the Virus Threads, we try to make them more practical and ultimately more beneficial or efficient for our members.

Last time, we looked at the time it took to complete a virus thread and worked to reduce it. This time, we're visiting the problem of rewards that come with the efforts put into it.

  • Baseline Zenny Rewards have been decreased on all levels, while Total Potential Zenny Rewards have greatly increased.
  • Zenny can no longer be possibly replaced by a Battle Card. Zenny is a guaranteed reward from a Virus, and each individual Virus has a chance to dropping a Battle Card, dependent on Post Quality and Thread Difficulty as normal.
  • Because Battle Cards have recently seen changes, Viruses of higher level difficulty simply have a higher chance of dropping their respective battle card.
  • Defeating a Boss NPC at the end of a Wave now increases the amount of Zenny gained from that wave, making boss fights have a guaranteed award. Mega Class Cards still only have a 50% chance to drop, and Mega Class Card drops are now effected by Post Quality and Thread Difficulty.

For more specifics on these new changes, you can check out the thread here.

Keep in tune for more changes coming to the system as we come to the close of this year, and, hopefully, a boom in activity.

Site Updates

Posted by Gaia (Root Administrator) at Oct 25 2016, 09:22 PM. 3 comments

Hello, everyone. For those of you not paying attention to Discord, here's the news - Card Library v5 is up and ready to go!

Card Library v5, as it is right now, is just a precursory attempt at a soon-to-be final work of the Card Library. A lot of the cards and the entire format of the Card Library will, slowly but surely, be changed to individualize many cards, as well as make cards more useful for people to use.

So, to list what the release of Card Library v5 means:
  • Removal of v1 and v3 StandardCard Types. v2 Cards are now the baseline, and are simply listed as the name of the base cards.
  • Removal of the Panels System. After a long-winded debate and much needed agreement, the Panels System has been decided as too controversial, and has been removed in its entirety.
  • Members will receive full reimbursement of the cards that they lost due to these changes, but not for cards found in the Starter Folder. The only reason cards should be reimbursed for from the Starter Folder is if you bought extra copies.
  • If you possess weaker or stronger copies of Custom Cards, you can only trade them in for their Baseline; you cannot claim reimbursement.

Please refer to the spoiler below for full price of the card, using CTRL + F to find it quickly. Please post in this thread the exact cards you are claiming reimbursement for, and how much that gives you.

Card Reimbursement

Astounding Updates

Posted by Sniper (Root Administrator) at Jan 11 2016, 04:43 PM. 4 comments

Hello, people! Hope 2016 has been treating you guys okay, and if it hasn't, I hope thinks look up in the future. Anyway, the staff has managed to put out some of the things that have been brewing in the staff room in these past weeks, as well as a little something else that's been pending, so let's take a look.

Christmas Event Rewards

The Christmas Event has been done for a while now, and we've just managed to finalize the rewards. Each person that participated gained a card per post they made (either a Tier 2 card or a Support card) that loosely relates to the post they made. Take a look at the spoilers below to see what each of you got. Thanks to Gaia and Lastdesire for helping me out with this one.







A New Damage Level

As we were discussing the recent changes of Mega and Illegals only being able to be boosted once, as well as one other important subject, there was still the worry that some attacks that could deal Incredible damage would get a massive increase in strength should they be boosted. Thus, we have introduced a new damage level to fill the gap between Incredible and Outstanding - Astounding.

- Astounding (40%) -
Extremely rare attacks that can easily inflict a lasting impression on a victim's body for the rest of the battle. Few can shrug off a hit of this magnetude.

Due to this new damage level, Apollo Flame X has been nerfed to Astounding, and HP + 400's boost in health has gotten a proper name.

Big Bang Weapons

After being requested and in the works by quite a considerable time (as in, years), members can now finally access ultimate desperate techniques when their health falls below half - Big Bang Weapons. Be it a weapon with a 5-turn cooldown, a massive attack that can only be used once in a battle, or a transformation that grants some temporary boosts, BBWs can easily tip the scale of a battle. Read all about them here.

Change to Panels

And last, but most certainly not least, it has been determined for a while now that the current form of Panels is not very friendly, due to requiring users to memorize their positioning very intensely and being possibly punished if they fail to. Due to that, Panels have received a pretty drastic change. For starters, they will be known as Panel Conditions from now on, and will work similarly, but not entirely like, Status Effects. Panel-changing cards don't change the actual terrain, and instead change a victim's perception of the terrain. In exchange, though, all of them have gotten stricter durations. This should hopefully make these a bit less headache-inducing.

You can read over the changes here. Because of this change, many cards and viruses had to undergo revisions, which can be found in spoilers below. There are some Boss NPCs that have attacks based on the old description of panels, which we aim to fix ASAP. If any card or virus listed below has not been properly updated, please notify us and we will correct that.

Cards Revised

Viruses Revised

And that's all for now, folks. Everyone who participated in the Christmas Event is to post here to claim their rewards and split them among their characters whenever applicable. Also, feel free to post if there's any questions about the changes and updates made.

Change on RP Drawbacks (MUST READ)

Posted by Gaia (Root Administrator) at Dec 25 2015, 01:06 PM. 3 comments

Because of the magnitude of this change and how much it affects the users of the board, this bit of News needs to be read by every member.

A part of the Weapons Guide has been changed, which may or may not directly affect every member. Lock and Custom Duration Increase Roleplay Drawbacks have been completely removed from the Weapons Guide, and are no longer valid drawbacks on Character Weapons. In case this isn't specific, the following items have been removed from the Tier 3 and Tier 4 RP Drawbacks, respectively.

Tier 3
- Lock Ability Wave Use for 2 Turns
- Lock Battle Card Use for 2 Turns
- Lock a single Weapon's Use for 2 Turns
- Increase the duration of the user's current Custom by 2 turns.

Tier 4
- Lock Ability Wave use for 4 Turns
- Lock Battle Card Use for 4 Turns
- Lock a single Weapon's Use for 4 Turns
- Increase the duration of the user's current Custom by 4 turns.

Each member must take a look through each of their characters, and if these Drawbacks exist anywhere within the character they must be put up for Re-Approval, before they can be used in the Battle System. We ask that each member bear with the Staff as we go through this change; we are expecting quite a few profiles to go up for change, and that could make us busy. We will try to get to you at our earliest convenience.

Currently active threads with characters with these Drawbacks will continue as normal, with the Retroactive Update Rules applying. Once these threads are complete, characters with these Drawbacks cannot be used until they are edited.

Thank you all for your time. Merry Christmas, everyone! Keep on the look out for more updates from the Staff Room!

Status Update and a SFRP Carol

Posted by Sniper (Root Administrator) at Dec 1 2015, 07:59 PM. 11 comments

Hello, Star Force RP! December is here, and with it Christmas and the dawn of a new year draw closer. We the staff don't intend to let it all pass by while twiddling our thumbs, though (contrary to popular belief) and we have a few things to announce.

V5 is here!

You might have noticed this one already, but the site rules have at last been properly updated. All sections have been revised and reorganized, the index was made easier to navigate, and some systems got trimmed for lack of use (the Mission Board and Team/Purpose, for example). One system is still running on outdated rules, and don't be surprised if you still see some changes being made here and there over the next days, but overall it's been smoothed out well. We hope that this new version of the rules are more friendly and easier to access. Also, we're planning on a Member Drive to accompany the new rules sometime in the coming future, so stay tuned for that.

Christmas Story

We always try to do something special for Christmas, and this year is no exception. This time, we invite you to participate in a story-telling event. Beginning today, one of us will start a story that will be part of the Christmas Lore of the SFRP world. Then the torch will be passed for another member to add on to that story, and this will continue on and on from member to member to put the story together until New Year's Day, when one of us will wrap it all up. Some ground rules:

1. This event is supposed to be fun. There aren't any Grammar expectations, although your part of the story needs to be readable and understandable.
2. The starter of the story and every post there after needs to be loose-ended enough for the next post to be able to continue on it. The only finalility should be in the final post.
3. The starter will be decided on first-come-first serve. Afterwords, continuing the story will be done in a line, in which the starter will post again only after the last member to sign up posts.
4. Each post should contain no more than 500 words, and must have a clear enough meaning/purpose behind it to distribute awards. This word count is not strict, but please do your best to abide by it.
5. Awards will be given out based on the number of posts a member has by the end of the event, in the form of Battle Cards that have some relation to each post the member made. For example, if you set everything on fire, you may gain a MechFlame BattleCard. Even so, please don't go out of your way to set everything on fire.
6. Members will be given a two day posting period after the last member posts. Members who do not post in that time frame can be skipped.
7. Members who decide they only want to participate for a set amount of time can opt to have their turns automatically skipped, so others may simply skip the waiting period and go straight to their own post. Likewise, members may simply request for their turn to be skipped, should they think they won't be around to post on time.

Sign-ups will be done in this very thread, so come on and join! Let's write a fun story together!

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