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The Master's Voice - Shirak, fully Approved
Topic Started: Oct 20 2014, 09:14 PM (918 Views)
EM Being:
Name: Shirak
Gender: Male
Description: Shirak stands at an impressive height of 6" 8', although his ginger hair is normally in a shaggy disarray. His eyes are a deep, striking blue that have a constantly, somewhat spiraling energy deep within them; betraying his actual nature as a Wizard over a human.
He adorns himself in simple enough clothing, wearing a plain blue shirt with a black leather jacket that is never zipped. His lower body is covered in blue jeans and black boots. His skin is a slightly tanned color, while his body itself lacks any real sign of strength.
Personality: His humanoid body allows him to take on a personality, much like normal humans. He is highly knowledgeable and a believer of fate, frequently using this throughout interactions with others as he goes throughout his day. Although he is respectful to others and careful for their well being, those that he finds too weak to help are deemed unworthy of it.
A strong believer that strength is a virtue, he reflects this with a balance in knowledge. Although he himself is not strong in physical means, his knowledge far surpasses many, and thus he often finds himself correcting and mentally attacking others.
He is a believer of self-preservation, finding that if someone cannot protect themselves, they are not worth protecting.
He is highly independent in his wares, refusing allies; especially when he needs them. He is arrogant and determined; finding himself to persevere, even in the face of defeat.
He's never too far from a book.
Biography: Shirak was created as a simple Wizard. However, he developed in a way no one could have anticipated. Another concoction of a secret Wizard development, they finally found the Wizard that was supposed to become of their results. . .him.
His first and foremost purpose was to EM Wave Change with others. Did he agree with that? Of course not. He viewed himself as strong enough on his own. Merging with a human would simply hinder his capabilities.
And so, he adapted. He can still merge with Humans, if he wishes too; but it wouldn't accomplish anything more than what he's already capable of doing. Before he could merge with his supposed "host", he tore from his confinements and activated a Battle Function, to tear his way through his confinement on his own. Making way for two other Wizards to escape, he soon found himself outside and - thankfully - on his own.
Within a few months, he had adapted to society and was acting as a normal human.
In order to adapt to his many wares, he has focused his powers into a language that he developed, allowing him to channel his battle programming into more focused means.
Although Shirak proves to be just a simple Wizard, he believes he can stand up to a full pledged Wave Conversion simply because he is not held back by the fickleness and other restraints on a frail, mortal body. He can focus his battles into sustaining himself, and himself alone; not having to worry about over extending some human meat-suit.

Wave Conversion
Name: Shadeskin Shirak
Element: Sniping
Sub Element: Summoning
Gender: Male
Description: Shirak's battle programming is activated by a few simple words. "Friek, Sho Vak!" Upon use, an ethereal form suddenly shapes over his body, shifting his clothes. His shoes are replaced by golden-green cloth boots that raise up to his kneecap; his shirt and jacket shifted out for a flowing robe that falls over from his chest, over his arms and down to cover up his boots. The ends of the robe are jagged, shifting in a circle of spines around the lower end of his body. The robe is covered by an over-robe, stopping just before his waistline in a pointed pattern.
The shoulder blades of the robe are spiked in a downward fashion, the decorative spines flowing down over his shoulders. Although the robe looks quite gratifying and fearful, it is obviously just that; as no armor comes from it, and thus lacks actual weight.
The green-gold robe continues over his arms up to his elbows, where it is tucked into his gloves. The gloves hold the same design as the shoulder blades; folding down until they reach his knuckles, at which point the same golden-green hue takes over to encase his fingers.
Too top off the design, his face is encased in a golden mask, crafted into the shape of a flattened Dragon's maw. The maw faces downward, so that the "teeth" face the lower half of his body; the horns of the dragon's head raising above Shirak's own. The snout of the face act as decoration to the mask; while his own eyes peek out where the animal's own eyes would be. The outer edges of the mask are pointed at intervals.
All and all? He looks like a mage.
-Ancient Knowledge: The Mage-like EM Being is highly knowledgeable, versing himself in many different mythological terms. In battle, he can use his higher thought processing skills to out-wit his opponent.
-Light Weight: Only Shirak's mask offers any weight to his armor, allowing him to move at gratifying speeds.
-Keen Senses: Shirak's sight has been trained to keep a lock on his target, studying the slightest error. His sight proffers terrifying accuracy.
-Trained Mind: His well versed mind is strong and undeniable, causing him to be very difficult to sway in battle.
-Distrust: The mage is knowledgeable, but he lacks in his ability to trust others. He is slow to trust in battle, often watching "allies", causing him to either get distracted by, or even attack, them.
-Light Armored: Due to his lack of actual armor, he doesn't support much weight and is thus knocked around easier than most.
-Attention Span: Although Shirak can easily focus on one enemy, he finds himself faltering against multiple foes, focusing on one at a time rather than the group as a whole.
-Blissfully Ignorant: Although his mind is well trained to ignore others and their attempts to stop him from fighting, this also causes him to ignore a need to stand down, and thus continue fighting.
Weapon 1
Weapon Name: Voice
Weapon Description: Shirak is one of the view Wizards built to fight with Sound. Shaping his voice into power, his self-preserved Language bends power to it's will in the form of a visible - and audible - attack. While using his voice, he shifts his hands around in order to obtain power; the attack traveling from his maw, empowered by his hands. All attacks require 2 hands.

1. Attack Name: Shir, Vai, Dau!
Type: Normal Gun
Element: Sniping
Description: Force, Strike, Freeze. An attack with 3 Possible Actions, each action requires 1 more word than the last. The first action (Shir) fires a .5 Meter Diameter cloud of frost, dealing Modest Damage. The second action (Shir, Vai) requires a 1 Action Charge, and fires a .5 Meter Diameter cloud of frost, dealing High Damage. The third and final action (Shir, Vai, Dau!) requires a 2 Action Charge, and fires a 1 Meter Diameter cloud of frost, dealing Low Damage and freezing the Target.
Damage: 3 Options. 1: .5 Meter Diameter, Modest Damage. 2: 1 Action Charge, .5 Meter Diameter, High Damage; 3 CD. 3: 2 Action Charge, 1 Meter Diameter, Low Damage, Freeze; 6 CD. 7-CD on Freeze.

2. Attack Name: Viik, Lav, Sul!
Type: Normal Gun
Element: Sniping
Description: Wind, Focus, Push. An attack with 3 Possible Actions, each attack requires 1 more word than the last. The first action (Viik) fires a .5 Meter Diameter energy wave, dealing Modest damage. The second action (Viik, Lav) requires 1 Action Charge and fires a 1 Meter Diameter energy wave, dealing Modest damage. The third and final action (Viik, Lav, Sul!) requires a 2 Action Charge and fires a 1 Meter Radius energy wave, dealing Modest Damage, pushing victims back 1 Meter.
Damage: 3 Actions. 1: .5 Meter Diameter, Modest Damage. 2: 1 Meter Diameter, Modest Damage; 1 Action Charge, 3-CD. 3: 1 Meter Diameter, Modest Damage, Wind; 2 Action Charge, 6-CD. Wind 3-CD.

3. Attack Name: Dir, Vaak, Riik!
Type: Normal Gun
Element: Sniping
Description: Life, Essence, Drain. An attack with 3 Possible Actions, each attack requiring 1 more word than the last. The first action (Dir) fires a .5 Meter Diameter ball of purple energy at the target, dealing Modest Damage. The second action (Dir, Vaak) fires a .5 Meter Diameter ball of purple energy at the target, dealing High Damage. The third and final action (Dir, Vaak, Riik!) fires a .5 Meter Diameter ball of purple energy at the target, dealing High Damage, inflicting Default Poison Damage.
Damage: 3 Actions. 1: .5 Meter Diameter; Modest Damage. 2: 1 Action Charge, .5 Meter Diameter, High Damage; 3 CD. 3: 2 Action Charge, .5 Meter Diameter, High Damage, Default Poison; 6 CD. Poison: 1 CD.
Weapon 2
Weapon Name: Summoning Rune
Weapon Description: Projecting his voice onto the ground, Shirak scribbles his language onto the surface simply by speaking it. From his voice, a being comes into creation.

1. Attack Name: Summon Aurvakriv
Type: Mobile Summon
Element: Summon
Description: "Aur, Va, Kriv!" The name strikes against the ground, creating a spectral vortex as a new being springs into existence. A Dragonoid takes stand, having the same height and other dimensions as Shirak, mounted with folded wings. It's appearance consists of a humanoid figure with dragon scales, tail, claws and teeth. The humanoid can either walk around as normal, or slightly lift itself off the ground with it's wings; however, not enough to avoid Panels or other effects of the such. Two Action Charge; Incredible Health.
Damage: Two Action Charge; Incredible Health. Summons Aurvakriv; a Dragononic Humanoid. 10 Turn CD.

2. Attack Name: Dragonic Aspect
Type: CQC
Element: Sniping
Description: An attack with 2 Separate Actions. Aurvakriv can either lash out at his target with his claws, lashing out at the nearest foe; or crunch down with his ever more potent teeth.
Damage: Action 1: Moderate Damage; usable multiple times a turn. Action 2: High Damage; 6 CD on entire attack if used. Usable only by Aurvakriv.

3. Attack Name: Spectral Armor
Type: Passive Ability
Element: Summon
Description: "Vir, Loz, Ong!" These words seem to constantly chant themselves while in battle. Going into battle, these words take full power, taking shape into dragonic armor; encasing his body like a protective coat. Damage taken by Shirak is reduced by 1 Damage Level; however, Shirak can only slot in 4 Cards in a Custom.
Damage: N/A; Shirak takes 1 Damage Level Lower from all Attacks. When Slotting In for a New Custom, Shirak only Slots in 4 Cards.
Edited by Gaia, Oct 30 2014, 06:00 PM.
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NOTICE: I am scraping Shirak. Although I regret having to do so, not doing so would lead me to have to scrap another character completely. So, Shirak (along with all payments that went into everything he has) is being sent back.

EDIT: Just locking the 3rd Attack on each of his Weapons.

EDITING THAT EDIT: Never Mind. Consider this null and void.
Edited by Gaia, Dec 1 2014, 08:17 PM.
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Transforming Shirak into an NPC, thus taking back all money spent on his updates.

6000 Zenny Get!

Look to my Financial Issues if you wanna yell at me; it's all done.

Debt to Staff: 3000 Zenny.
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