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Blade's Werewolf Form; What Goes Bump in the Night
Topic Started: Feb 16 2015, 02:44 PM (762 Views)
Wave Conversion
Name: Werewolf Shade
Element: Blade
Sub Element: Break
Gender: Male
Description: An anthropomorphic, black-furred wolf with elongated claws, snout and fangs. Taller and gained muscle tones, in comparison to Blade's physique.
-Beast Strength: His brute strength, claws and fangs give him extreme power - far beyond the strength he has as a simple Wave Conversion.
-Predator's Mind: In his mind, everything in his sight is his prey. As such, he has no issues selecting what to attack, nor how to do so; he simply attacks everything.
-Heightened Senses: All of his Senses are heightened to a new, marvelous level. Sight, Smell, Hearing, Taste and Touch. . .all revealing details and knowledge in battle that was previously hidden, giving him a keen attention to detail.
-Beastial Speed: In this form, Blade is not only much faster as a whole, but also travels at his top speed while on all fours.

-Momentum: His strength is great, but the fact that his momentum carries his attacks much farther than intended leads him to ram his body into objects behind or under his intended victims.
-Irrational: Due to the fact that everything is considered prey, he has no conception for the idea that something may be too powerful. If he sees something that he can attack, he will; no matter whether or not he is unprepared.
-Sense Overload: Although all of his senses are heightened to a whole new level, this also causes too many stimuli to disrupt his ability to focus in battle.
-Push Over: He may be fast, but he's still a big puppy. This doesn't make him nicer; no, it just makes him easier to knock over.

Weapon 1
Weapon Name: Wolf Body
Weapon Description: The Wolf's most powerful weapon: It's fangs, claws and simple brute force.

1. Attack Name: Beast Strength
Type: Passive Ability
Element: Sword
Description: Werewolf Shade's brute strength cannot be denied. His Unstated attacks are boosted to Moderate Damage, and Break.
Damage: Unstated Attacks deal Moderate, Breaking Damage. Blade is incapable of using Battle Cards.

2. Attack Name: Running Start
Type: Activated Ability
Element: Break
Description: The Werewolf gets down on all fours, and starts to run - full speed ahead. While charging like this, it's hard for it to change direction; however, it adds a traveling agent of 10 m/s and +1 Damage Level to his next Melee-Based attack.
Damage: Adds a 10 m/s Dash and 1 Damage Level to Blade's next Melee-Based Attack; 6 Turn CD.

3. Attack Name: Maul
Type: CQC
Element: Blade/Break
Description: A crazed werewolf, on the lookout for blood, is rather effective. The beast attacks with it's claws or fangs, and can charge up the attack for far more power.
Damage: Option 1: Modest Damage. Option 2: 1 Action Charge, Modest Damage, Wind for 1 Meter; 3 turn CD added to the attack.

Weapon 2
Weapon Name: Wolf Totems
Weapon Description: Ancient Wolf Totems, carved into the werewolf's very being. Whenever activated, the totems shine their respective color before the Werewolf howls.

1. Attack Name: Werewolf Howl of Terror
Type: Explosion
Element: Break
Description: Taking his hands about him, the Werewolf releases an ear-piercing howl - a red totem shining on his right arm. The howl, visibly, flies up around his very being, and consumes everything within a 3 Meter area of his location.
Damage: Two Hands, 1 Action Charge. Modest Damage for 3 Meters; 3-CD.

2. Attack Name: Werewolf Howl of the Hunt
Type: SAA
Element: Break
Description: Taking his hands about him, the Werewolf releases an ear-piercing howl - a blue totem shining on his left arm. The howl, visibly, travels directly forward; targeting a 1 Meter area of choice. The sound waves strike the area, before it erupts in a shock wave similar to the shock wave from his Terror howl. This Howl culls the ideas of fear from his prey, and pulls them out of their hiding places.
Damage: Two Hands, 1 Action Charge. Modest Piercing, Breaking and Blowing Damage for 1 Meter; 6-CD.

3. Attack Name: Werewolf Howl of Blood
Type: Recovery
Element: Blade
Description: Taking his hands about him, the Werewolf releases an ear-piercing howl - a green totem shining on his chest. The howl, visibly, rejuvenates the wolf; surrounding him with a green hue, he takes it unto himself to heal.
Damage: Two Hands, 1 Action Charge. High Health Regain, 7-CD.

Weapon 3
Weapon Name: Werewolf Brotherhood
Weapon Description: Strength always comes in numbers. Werewolves call to each other with howls, traveling and hunting together.

1. Attack Name: Werewolf Howl of Brotherhood
Type: Mobile Summon
Element: Blade
Description: Taking his wits about him, the Werewolf releases an ear-piercing howl; the howl flows out from his very being, and creates two spectral wolves to fight by his side.
Damage: N/A; summons two Spectral Werewolves, with his same dimensions. 1 Action Charge, 10% Health each; 10-Turn CD, 5% Self-Inflicted Damage.

2. Attack Name: Spectral Mauling
Type: CQC
Element: Blade
Description: His Spectral Wolves have claws and fangs all their own, and are not against using them, and can be easily followed up with.
Damage: Moderate Damage, usable multiple times a turn.

3. Attack Name: Spectral Howl of Terror
Type: SAA
Element: Blade
Description: His Spectral Wolves can, too, howl; however, their howls are of much less magnitude than his own. They attack a 1 Meter area of choice, just as his Werewolf Howl of the Hunt does. Still requires two hands, and lacks the ability to pull prey from hiding.
Damage: Two Hands, Modest Damage for 1 Meter; 3-CD.

Weapon 4
Weapon Name: Precise Strikes
Weapon Description: More attune, and far better controlled, strikes with more affective outcomes.

1. Attack Name: Paralytic Vice
Type: Sword
Element: Blade
Description: The Werewolf precisely slashes at it's victim, smiting them with both of it's hands in a decisive blow to paralyze them.
Damage: Two hands, Low Paralyzing Damage.

2. Attack Name: Power Bite
Type: CQC
Element: Break
Description: The Wolf grips it's victim's strongly, forcing them down before clamping it's powerful jaw onto it's victim. This can be used twice per turn, but is slow in the fact that he must throw you down before he can bite your neck.
Damage: High Damage, usable twice a turn. Has rather noticeable delay, but is only on the first use each turn.

3. Attack Name: Combination Maul
Type: CQC
Element: Sword/Break
Description: Shade Wolf rips at it's chosen victim violently, slashing back and forth with it's claws. It uses both hands in any combination of 3 strikes.
Damage: Two Hands, 3 Hits; 5% Damage per hit. Breaks; 6-Turn CD.
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