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The Teacher
Topic Started: Jul 31 2015, 12:06 PM (506 Views)
EM Being:
Name: SPP AERO-EONA. Goes by Leon Blaze.
Gender: Male
Description: For a man-made wizard, Leon is strikingly. . .human.

With the appearance of a young, Caucasian and handsome 23 year old man, Eon is a full 5 feet 11 1/2 inches tall, with a brilliant smile to boot. His deep set, sea-green eyes are attracting and sparkling with intelligence, while his broad cheek bones and thin chin are evident parts of his face. He has naturally sloppy brown hair, which he keeps well kept despite.

As for his physique, his thin body profile is larger than most due to his remarkably well toned muscles, despite his occupation as a teacher. He has strong legs with well-muscled arms to boot.

His attire could be just about anything. Lower attire can range from khaki pants at the job to blue jeans on the go. Upper attire from a polo shirt on the job to a t-shirt on the go. Sometimes, he might wear a tie. His clothes are fashioned from real waves, though.

His human appearance is near flawless. The only thing he lacks is the feel of a beating heart against his chest, and, as a result, the lack of the feel of blood pumping through his veins. Although, he is naturally warm to the touch, and his temperature does change like a person's does in response to weather. Those wearing a visualizer, or those capable of perceiving the fourth dimension of life that is the Wave World, will see the faint aura of EM Waves radiating from him, as well as a strange purple wave length at his core.
Personality: Despite the fact that he is a man-made device, he has developed his own sense of personality and knowledge. His creators were not a direct influence on what he knows and how he acts; rather, he has discerned how it is he wishes to live of his own accord.

That being said, he's set himself up pretty well.

Leon is charismatic, highly intelligent, witty and somewhat contagious. Despite his no-nonsense attitude, he is quite great with his students, and does what he can to make learning as fun as possible - and darn, is he good at his job, and he has a true passion for it.

Despite the big three for his personality, he is also determined and has a slight protector complex; although he doesn't have anything of his own to protect, he does what he can to keep his students safe and in check. He's the kind of teacher, and person, that everyone looks forward to meeting in the day. Whimsical, confident and precise, he's an overall amazing character with a great sense of humor to boot.

Something he believes comes with his area of expertise is his slightly whimsical and even sometimes mad attitude; but, it's that healthy kind of insanity that just about anyone could go for, and, it's somewhat uplifting. . .yet, at times, scary.

Of course, once someone gets on his bad side, it's not too easy to get him back on his good side. Perhaps his only personality flaw?
Biography: SPP. AERO-EONA; known to himself as Leon Blaze. He is better known by the Satella Police as Satella Police Project Number. 4-Σ, from Section R-0: Enabled Occupational Neural Accelerant.

He was made with the intent to fully integrate into life as a human. From what he understands, he is as normal as anyone else around him. Despite the fact that he was built with the intent of teaching others, he was not built with the intent to enjoy that; however, he has surpassed all tests and expectations in order to become surprisingly - and somewhat dangerously - sentient.

His base design plan was made out by some basic WAXA Scientist who had great dreams, but was completed by renowned scientist Xavier Ozuka. His optical sensors were outfitted with a program that acted much like a visualizer. However, the part that truly made him active and far beyond a simple Wizard to take commands is the chunk of Murian tech buried beneath the waves.

A strange piece of Murian technology that not even Xavier can fully explain resides within the Wizard, fully integrated into his EM makeup. Although it is definitely a piece of technology that a person could hold, the device, once integrated into Leon, broke down into Waves in order to meld with his Data. This is what brought him to life, beyond the simple Wizard they had intended to simply take orders and teach students.

Now, with his new sentience, came his new looks. Naturally, most scientists don't try to make something that isn't human look like a human; it throws people off. That didn't seem to matter, as, his data would constantly shift in order to change him to look like he does. It baffles even the greatest of scientists, and, at long last, they let it take his course. The result is the Eon of today; sentient, smart and enjoyable. Perhaps one of the few jobs that the SP hasn't butchered.

After his creation, he took it upon himself to learn. He soaked in what it was he wanted to soak in, and used this knowledge in order to become a teacher of something he would enjoy; but, that was later. The learning process wasn't easy; but, the WAXA library was near limitless. Naturally, he was once caught browsing through some restricted files; he wasn't aware of this, but, it put him on their watch list. He shrugged it off as no-big-deal.

Over the course of a month, he had gone from a basic Wizard into a fully sentient being. He turned himself into an athletic teacher of Chemistry/Physical Science, and now works at Echo Ridge School. Completely alright with how far he has come in life, he is under the impression that he is as normal as any of his fellow workers, or students.

. . .Of course, this means he has no idea that he can change into a Battle-Capable Wave Warrior.

Wave Conversion
Name: Hindenburg Schronologic
Element: Fire
Sub Element: Poison
Gender: Male
Description: Neither his height nor physique change with his new conversion. Instead, he just gets some new apparel.

He trades out his shirt for a simple, browned, tight-fitting armored cloth with patches throughout the fabric; making it look like a Frankenstein inspired piece. Strangely enough, some of the patches have designs to them; such as a potion bottle, a mortar and pestle, and other alchemical tools. A small, baton-like object is strapped to a belt at his side.

Over his shirt is a reddened, elaborate and gold-studed trench coat that is obviously no longer its original color. This trench coat fans out behind him, but, does not fan around to cover his lower body from view. Emblazened on the collar of the coat, much like a family seal or famous crest, is a potion bottle pouring its contents over an open fire.

On his feet, he wears boots that, too the untrained eye, perhaps look like leather; on a closer examination, they are scaled and somewhat glistening, as though the armored hide of some unfortunate reptile now guards his feet and lower legs. The same armored cloth that protects his chest follows down to his knees, just before his scaled boots.

The trench coat is sewn off at his shoulders, so that the jacket doesn't flow down either of his arms. Instead, on his left arm, he has a bundle of clear tubes, all of them flowing with liquids/gases of various colors, flowing all the way down his muscled limb; acting, on their own, as a coat of armor of sorts. All of the tubes lead down his arm until his elbow, where they all feed into a wide vial that curves outward before thinning to enclose his wrist, just before his gloved hand.

His right arm is similarly strange, only it has a sort of steam-punk design to it rather than a design of tubes. Rotating gears, pumping valves and other moving parts run up and down the arm, with small vials sticking out at various places either holding, taking out or pumping in some sort of chemical into the strange, full-arm gauntlet. With a small exhaust pipe leading from his outer shoulder into the air behind him, one can only assume that smoke is a bi-product of his works in that arm. From the forearm down, a strange, box-like structure takes on with the steam-punk style, using the same bronze material and strange moving parts incorporated in the rest of the arm down to his wrist, where the hand is fully steam-punk, instead of gloved.

The strange structures from both arms lead up to his face, wrapping his neck in the tubes and steam punk structures alike; strangely, however, it doesn't shift his stunning looks. His sea blue eyes become covered with black goggles fit for a person in the lab, which complements his new mad-scientist hair-do.

For those who know alchemists, they also know that nothing is exempt from their experimentation; not even themselves. Wrapped around his torso in an X formation are two, purple appendages that trace their origins to his spine. When unfurled from their position, the appendages are two tentacles that are the same length of his arms, both of which he has complete control over.
- Intelligent: Schrono is incredibly intelligent, making him a dangerously calculating opponent who never misses a detail on the battlefield, turning his mind into a database for information. Know your enemy, perhaps better than you know yourself. That's how you win.
- Strategic: Schrono is not only incredibly intelligent, he is incredibly fast at using his intelligence. His ability to adapt to new situations and act accordingly is unprecedented.
- Level Headed: Having to deal with disrespectful kids throughout the day, Schrono is exceptionally level headed; making it harder for him to lose focus based on anger or fear, despite the situation.
- Athletic: Schrono is incredibly athletic, raising his endurance levels beyond what others would be able to handle. He remains well-resourceful, whereas others would begin to lose their breath.
- Error 404 - Common Sense Not Found: In this world, you can have brains or you can have common sense. Rarely can you have both. Sadly, Schrono isn't one of those rare few. Due to a lack of basic common sense, he neglects to notice somewhat obvious things to do, such as putting out the fire in his hair or avoiding the obviously dangerous attack barreling towards him.
- Over-Analytic: Perhaps Schrono's strength is also a weakness. His ability to pick apart opponents based on knowledge could cause him to over think, leading to either the lack of action or an over-elaborate plan.
- Obsessively Compulsive: Despite his generally level-headed attitude, if things aren't in compliance with his small, OCD-emulating defect, he'll flip out. His special case of OCD aligns to organization and neatness; two things few scientists can continue to live without.
- Squishy: Sure, Schrono's got endurance and is rather physically capable; sadly enough, it's tested far too often. Despite the fact that he is quick to get back up, he is rather easy to knock around.

Weapon 1
Weapon Name: Alchemy Potions
Weapon Description: Schrono's quickly but masterfully prepared potions are perhaps what keeps him going on the battlefield. Alchemy Potions are known for their ability to alter one's physical appearance, attributes and well being.

1. Attack Name: Healing Potions
Type: Recovery
Element: Poison
Description: By quickly and dutifully crafting a potion with both hands and then imbibing that same potion, Schrono recovers his health with superb skill to boot.
Damage: High Health Recovery, 10-CD. Two hands.

2. Attack Name: Jaunting Potion
Type: Warp
Element: Poison
Description: A strange potion that displaces reality when imbibed. Before taking it, he's here; after taking it, he's somewhere else!
Damage: 3-Meter Warp, two hands. 5-CD.

3. Attack Name: Prehensile Tentacles
Type: Passive Ability
Element: Poison
Description: As is to be expected with an Alchemist, the world is his experiment - nothing is exempt, not even himself. As such, he has grafted two tentacles into his spine, which can hold battle cards instead of his normal hands.
Damage: Standard Battle Cards used by Schrono can be used by one of his 'tentacles', instead of his hands. Battle Cards used in this way gain a number of Damage Level nerfs equal to the number of hands usually required to use the battle card, but do not require Schrono to have open hand slots to use.
Weapon 2
Weapon Name: Fire-Arm
Weapon Description: His right arm, covered in multiple moving bronze parts and other apparatuses, is a powerful piece of his. . .err. . .upgraded anatomy. Aside from the brute strength behind it, the rectangular box on his forearm is actually a firebox, which moves forward from around his mechanical arm to rest on his hand, turning his hand into a weapon that spews chemicals or streams of fire - both powered by other powerful chemicals and compressed air.

1. Attack Name: Heated ClF3
Type: Normal Gun
Element: Fire
Description: The valves within the Fire Arm shift and pump as it goes back to it's very original purpose: Burning things. Burning things very well, mind you; it quickly produces Chlorine Trifluoride, heats it, and then spews it out in order to cover things in fire that normally wouldn't catch fire. . .like water, bricks, and, yes, you.
Damage: Primary option is a .5 meter diameter fireball that deals Moderate Damage. Secondary option is a 2 meter diameter stream of fire that he fires from left-to-right, for a spread; this requires a 1-Action Charge, deals Moderate Damage, and adds a 3-CD to the whole attack.

2. Attack Name: Hydrogen Bubble
Type: Bomb
Element: Poison
Description: The mechanisms within the gauntlet shift once again, this time quickly mixing high quantities of Hydrogen with similar quantities of Oxygen, then forming it into a bubble to fire. The gas is attracted to heat, and, when it comes in contact with something, the Hydrogen Bubble will ignite and burn up in a fraction of a second - in otherwords, it'll go BOOM!
Damage: Modest Damage, 1-meter radius bomb explosion. Slow-fire, two hands. Homing, 4-CD.

3. Attack Name: Preheat
Type: Activated Ability
Element: Fire
Description: Schrono pumps chemicals and heat into the chamber ahead of time, increasing the temperature and thus increasing the danger factor of his next Fire- or Poison-Element, projectile-based Attack.
Damage: N/A; raises the next Fire- or Poison-Element, projectile-based Attack by 1 Damage Level. This ability only raises the Damage Level of the first attack on Multi-Hit attacks. 3-CD.
Weapon 3
Weapon Name: Poison-Arm
Weapon Description: His left arm, wound in intricately placed tubes that twist and turn down his arm, leading down to the strange, vial like apparatus at his forearm. The apparatus isn't just for show, though; much like his right arm, the piece lifts up to surround his hand, all of the tubes feeding into that vial so that he might use it as a launcher of volatile liquids and gases. Built into the weapon is a small spearhead, which is retractable for injected poisons. Pick your poison.

1. Attack Name: Dimethylcadmium Stinger
Type: Spear
Element: Poison/Fire
Description: The retractable, one-meter spearhead comes forward, drenched in liquid Dimethylcadmium. Yes, Schrono is definitely a risky man; both to others and himself. Because friction causes it to ignite, the highly dangerous chemical also lights the spear head on fire, and it isn't very friendly to people - neither while slashing you nor after it slashes you.
Damage: Low Poisoning Damage. Usable multiple times a turn.

2. Attack Name: Mercury Splash
Type: Normal Gun
Element: Poison
Description: The heated tubes pump Mercury Sulfate and Sodium Chloride into the reaction chamber, which quickly produces the Mercury Chloride that he needs for the attack. Where the excess chemicals go, he doesn't need to know, because the three, shot-gun like splashes of mercury chloride that follow going in your face are all he needs to know. As with a shot-gun, it is stronger upfront because the three bullets have a stronger chance of all connecting, while, on their own, each of the three bullets will spread and deal basic damage.
Damage: Fires three .5 Meter Diameter projectiles, which, at really close range, can prove lethal; spread out as they travel. Low Damage each, two hands, 6-CD.

3. Attack Name: Thioacetone Bubble
Type: Bomb
Element: Poison
Description: Schrono fires a bubble of Thioacetone into the air. Because of his small little condition causing him to not be able to smell things, it has no effect on him; however, when it goes boom everyone within a meter radius of the explosion is paralyzed. Not by any sort of chemical that soaks into their skin, but, rather, because of the absolutely horrifyingly disgusting smell.
Damage: Pathetic Paralyzing Damage from a one-meter radius bomb explosion.
Weapon 4
Weapon Name: Chemical Chain
Weapon Description: His belt, although easily missed from the rest of his attire, is a powerful tool. Composed of a single flask connected to a three-meter string of chemical flasks, all of which are filled with a plethora of different chemicals, the chain is far from indestructible; however, it is flexible.

1. Attack Name: Chain Attack
Type: Destructible Chained Weapon
Element: Poison
Description: He quite simply lashes out with the chain of chemical-filled vials.
Damage: 3-Meter chain. Usable twice a turn, deals Modest Damage. High Health.

2. Attack Name: Chain Reaction
Type: Reflector
Element: Fire
Description: Bracing the chain in a defensive stance with both hands, he prepares it against an attack by drawing it taut before him. When attacked, one of the flasks making up the chain shatters and explodes, effectively counter-attacking.
Damage: Reflector deals Low Damage; Modest Health. Two hands, 10-CD.

3. Attack Name: Maybe a Mistake
Type: Explosion
Element: Fire
Description: Schrono quickly creates a flask of Azidoazide Azide, before simply throwing it into the air. Being a chemist comes with it's risks, and, the simple act of throwing this extremely reactive and heck-a explosive chemical into the air causes it to. . .well, explode.
Damage: High Damage from a 3-Meter Radius Explosion. Moderate Self-Inflicted Damage, Two Hands, Locks Chemical Chain for 1 Turn. 3-CD.
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