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Inside Out [Closed/Jeff]
Topic Started: Sep 2 2015, 10:18 PM (994 Views)
Urgh. This place is... ominous.

While Beta wandered throughout the expanse of the Dealer Ruins, all he could really think about was the atmosphere around him. It was dark and rather creepy, to be honest. The powerful viruses present here, when put in comparison with viruses from other locations, were also frightfully strong, making his trek here all the more difficult. Beta wasn't quite sure what he was thinking, coming trekking out here by himself. He supposed he had initially decided that this place wouldn't be close to as dangerous as he had heard from others, and decided to check it out himself. Him and his big mouth.

As he stumbled around, careful to evade doing anything that would agro nearby viruses and the like, he eventually found a place that appeared safe, when put in comparison with everywhere else. There wasn't any amount of viruses nearby that could spring up on him and cause him some untimely trouble, and, as such, decided to sit down for a little bit of rest before he began a trip home. He let out a sigh. Getting up here was hard enough... How the hell am I supposed to get down? He internally amused, exasperated at himself. Although, as far as he knew, he was alone without some other person to assist him.

{Gonna pretend he can't pulse out for some reason or another, because him not pulsing out already wouldn't make sense otherwise. Also, excuse my short post. They'll get longer as things get moving.}
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Jeff Solaris
The dealer ruins might hold some rare battle cards or powerful viruses which was why James Solaris had even came to this place. Of course his mentor Dusk would probably make him battle viruses for weeks before he deemed him ready. But there was a time when you simply didn't waste time anymore. Examining the area of the Dealer Ruins he was in, James knew that this place was falling apart. If he had supplies he'd renovate it into a base for the good guys perhaps. Presently he lacked the Zenny even to attempt such a glorious feat. Yet maybe there would be an opponent who was actually worth his time in this arena.

If there was, his trip up here wouldn't be a total waste. Still looking around, James would literally bump into Beta. "Who are you?" The individual wasn't one that James had ever seen before. Given that he'd have to perhaps prepare himself in case of any such situations in the future. Later on he'd join up with the GSP like the hero he'd been trained to eventually succeed had at one time or other. Yes, he had a plan now.

Edited by Jeff Solaris, Sep 18 2015, 07:30 PM.

Human: James Solaris
Wizard: Zeta
Conversion: Blaze Lantern
Element: Fire
Sub Element: Light
Weapon 1: Sunset
Weapon 1 Description: A black and red colored pistol.
Weapon 2: Inferno's Light
Weapon 2 Description: A 1.5 Meter Sword that's styled similar to a katana. This blade looks somewhat draconic in the hilt, but also has a red/gold color scheme to it.
Zenny: 8000

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Human: Jeff Solaris
Wizard: N/A
Conversion: Sword Chaos
Element: Chaos
Sub Element: Sword
Weapon 1: Dual Swords
Weapon 1 Description: A plain set of dual swords that are easy to break with the right battle cards. However Jeff can summon 2 of them at a time and has a nearly unlimited number of them stored somewhere.
Weapon 2: "Chaos Unchained"
Weapon 2 Description: A plain EM blade with no special properties to it.
Zenny: 8000

Brother Bands and Link Power

Battle Cards

Special Items
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Beta let out a bit of a sigh. He was pretty well rested up and it was about time to take a little trek back home. To that end, he got back upon his feet and turned towards the exi- "Oof." Beta bumped into some other guy, which, while it probably wouldn't do a drastic amount of... well, anything to James, it would to Beta as Beta fell backwards as any other person would if they had been shoved. Beta quickly scrambled back onto his feet, hand on his katana at his side.

Beta's grip would loosen a moment as James asked his name. "I'd be B-" Beta's voice would suddenly cut off with a bit of a growl as his clutch upon his katana would once again constrict. What the hell am I doing, handing out my name to someone who could be a criminal?! Beta internally screamed at himself, frustrated at his own lack of forethought. When, suddenly, another thought occured... Or, worse yet, this guy could be with the Satella Police. Based on my last run-in with them, that could be pretty bad.

Drawing his katana from its sheathe with one hand, he would point it at James. "Get the hell out of my way, or I'll cut you to ribbons." Beta would snarl, curling both of his hands around the katana's handle. If the guy didn't quickly get out of his way, Beta would immediately assume the worst and lash out at him.
Health: 100%
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Noise: 0%
Quick Gauge - Silent Knight 1 - Invisible - Barrier 100 - Recover 50 - Shuriken 1
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Edited by Glimmericious, Sep 18 2015, 09:10 PM.
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