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A Shocking Relevation [Open]
Topic Started: Jul 4 2016, 01:09 PM (599 Views)
Nova Ozuka
Nova walked across the glacier. The last time he was here, he had tracked down Gravity Destroyer and almost killed him. It brought back dark memories, sure, but he was a better person now.

Or at least a slightly better person. He looked down on the marking that branded itself on the back of his hand. He had only seen the marking a few times before, but it didn't appear on his hand until the fight against Dark Giga that would hopefully be their last. It resembled a set of claws with the fourth and bottom claw twisted backwards.

Something inside him was calling him here. Giga seemed unusually silent. "Something wrong?" Nova finally spoke.

"I should be asking you that," Giga responded from his Hunter.

"...You feel it too don't you?" Nova asked. Giga appeared beside him in a flurry of pixels.

"Yeah, and I think the OOPArt I'm sensing is the reason behind it." Nova mouthed a swear.

"And you waited until now to tell me?" he asked. He tried to run, but found himself slipping and falling forward.

"Yes, but only because I knew you'd hurt yourself by rushing," Giga pointed out. Nova carefully pushed himself back to his feet before pulling the Wind Star from his pocket. The green aura he could see with his sun glasses seemed confirm what Giga had said. If it was near enough for it to react, then...

"EM Wave Change! Transcode 013: Giga Man!"

Now standing in his Wave Conversion, Nova used his jet boots to fly across the ice to prevent himself from slipping. Soon, a familiar sword came into view, stuck in the ice. He hastened his speed. Activating his Break Sabre Battle Card, he brought it down on the Sword of Zerker, using the momentum of his jet dash to boost its power. When it didn't so much as scratch the sword, an electric shock ran through his body.

"Great, I guess I need more power to destroy this thing," he grumbled. Dismissing the Break Sabre, he grabbed the hilt with both hands as he landed. He then proceeded to pull the sword from the ice. "If I can't destroy it on the spot, then it's coming with me," he decided.
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Nova Ozuka
"You have more power than you realize. You just refuse to tap into it." Nova couldn't help but roll his eyes under his visor as Dark Giga rose from his shadow.

"You know as well as I do that I'm not going to use that cursed power now that I'm pretty much free from it," Nova pointed out. "Besides, if I couldn't so much as scratch it with a Break Saber, I'm not going to be able to destroy it with that."

"True, true, but consider what could happen to your friends if you don't have enough power," Dark pointed out. He then smirked as he tapped his chin thoughtfully. "But then again, how can you expect to protect them when you go off the grid? If they can't get a hold of you or find you when they need you, what happens to them?" Nova scowled in response. "Did I strike a nerve?" Dark teased.

"I can't very well protect them if I'm using power that threatens to take control of me at any second either," Nova pointed out. Most of his friends were either missing or dead. He wouldn't be surprised if he had a target on his back. So far, he just saw this as Dark trying to convince him that he needed that dark power. "What do you want Dark?"

Dark knew that the only believable lie would be what Nova thought was true, and telling him the truth would make getting what he wanted difficult. But Nova would have none of it. He was well aware Dark was up to something and might've even suspected that what was essentially a DarkSoul was just trying to piss him off. After careful consideration, Dark's smirk returned.

"Well, you said that both Zerker and Saurian would suit your personality more than Ninja would. I wanted to see if it was true," Dark admitted. So that was it. Dark wanted Nova to use the OOPArt. Now that Nova thought about it, his irritation for Dark did feel like it was being amplified. Dark Giga then proceed to take on the form of Nova's Wave Conversion.

"Forget it," Nova said as he started walking away from Dark. He glared at Dark over his shoulder. Then when he returned his attention to the path before him, he stopped as he almost ran into a Clone. "What the..."

"Show your moves!" The clone actually spoke. Not only that, but with Captain Falcon's voice from Super Smash Bros.

"Very funny, Dark," Nova responded sarcastically. The clone suddenly spun, spinning fast enough that it was a blur, before splitting into two.

"Show your moves!" the clones spoke simultaneously. Nova subconsciously tightened his grip on the Sword of Zerker.

Relax, he's just trying to make you angry, Giga told Nova. Nova let out a deep breath.


He then spun around to see a third clone had fallen from the Wave Road overhead and was already getting up. "Show your moves!" it spoke like the other two almost as a greeting.

"Yes!" the original clone agreed.

"Show your moves!" they all spoke in unison. Knowing that Dark wasn't about to stop until Zerker's Tribe On was activated and that he didn't have the patience to endure it, Nova decided to give into his temper on the spot.

The sword radiated a white aura, which soon encompassed Nova as he raised it skyward. A bolt of lightning came down, striking the sword as if it were a lightning rod. Then it seemed to crack as it broke away, revealing a white hilt with a golden blade made of lightning. He felt the electricity flow through his veins as his color scheme shifted from a bright red to a light gray.

Electricity arced around his form as as plate armor began to materialize on his Wave Conversion with gold accents. His visor shifted from green to a golden yellow as his eyes began glowing an electric blue. Nova's ninja like mask appeared over the lower part of his face before it was concealed under a light gray piece of armor.

Zerker, right now you and I probably have one thing in common. I'm growing frustrated with my doppleganger, and you're probably frustrated from a lack of action. Let's kill two birds with one stone, he silently told the OOPArt.

Instead of lashing out with a sword, he summoned a boxing glove on his free hand and punched the original clone in the jaw, causing all three to dissipate in a cloud of pitch black smoke.

"Now that wasn't very nice," Dark chided as he rubbed his sore jaw. Nova turned to face him. Just as it was starting to dawn on Dark that Nova wasn't even offering the OOPArt any resistance, the now knight like Wave Warrior rocketed forward.

Nova sheathed the Sword of Zerker. Taking its place was a broadsword with a gold energy blade and light gray hilt that looked exactly like Giga-Cyz, which he gripped with both hands. Dark Giga made to block with a sword of his own, but his reaction time had been too slow as Nova's sword slammed into him, impaling him through the torso.

Post inspired by:
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I try to follow the rules, but I can't guarantee that I'll remember them all.

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Nova Ozuka

Dark Giga found himself pinned to a slab of ice by the Giga X Saber, which was stuck in his torso. "Insolent fool, I will teach you a lesson: be careful what you wish for!" Zerker seethed. The Giga X Saber disappeared as Nova, still under Zerker's influence, gripped the sword sheethed on his back. In one fluid motion, he unsheathed the sword of Zerker and brought it down on Dark Giga only for it to bounce of a barrier.

Dark Giga silently hoped that if he fell by Zerker's hand right now he could still be revived. As the Zerker controlled warrior attempted to strike Dark again, the Sword of Zerker broke the barrier, and then the second swing was met by Dark Giga's Darkness Saber.

"I won't fall here. But on the off chance I do, tell me Zerker, does the fact that you got wiped out simply by not having something as trivial as a friend hurt?" Dark responded.
Edited by Nova Ozuka, Jul 21 2016, 12:22 PM.
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I try to follow the rules, but I can't guarantee that I'll remember them all.

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Marcus zipped up his jacket just as he walked out of the resort, looking down at his Hunter just in time to see a small amount of Zenny get taken out of his basically nonexistent account, depleting his reserves. Sighing, he lifted up his head and walked out into the cold.

Staying at Grizzly Peaks resort wasn't cheap, but, after finally getting free of the foster system, he would've paid any amount to lay his head down on a rock slab rather than risk being sent back. The fact that he was able to afford a room at all was a miracle; of course, he had a feeling the owner just felt sorry for him.

He walked over a Real Wave bridge, walking past the Wave Liner station and a few snowmen built by local kids towards the nearby village. He had no interest in the village itself; he was far more interested in the treasure that was hidden away in the snowy forest around the village.

He'd heard of the Landmark from an old friend of his, at the Foster Home: Glacier Rock. It was a large slab of ice, a literal glacier, forming right out of the ground rather than in the normal body of water they're known for. The trek would be a long one, but, if nothing else, he wanted to realize a dream of a close friend in their stead.

"Why exactly are we going to look at a block of ice someone left alone for too long, again?" the menacing, unwelcoming voice of his wizard barked, coming from his Hunter.

"Because," he said, lifting up his Hunter to talk with the Wizard on the screen, "I want to see it. It's supposed to be something of a landmark, remember?"

"Hm. . .depending on how old it is, it may very well have a history with calamity. Imagine how many years and years after blizzards an area would've had to go through in order to create something like that . . ." the Wizard trailed off, as if fantasizing over the idea.

Anything to get him interested in the idea, Marcus supposed.

It was a long walk, and, for the first good trek of it, he was undeterred. His luck looking up, he went faster, confident in himself. Sure, it was a little cold, and the wind was biting through his clothes, but, that was nothing new.

As he continued walking, he began to realize that the temperature all around was, slowly but surely, dropping. And dropping fast. The slight wind picked up, making his excessive layers just about useless.

"Marcus? I've got a feeling . . ."

Marcus frowned, keeping his hands in his pockets. He tried to jut his face deeper into his hoodie, hooking the bottom on his chin to try and lift it up over his face. After a few seconds, it fell back down, and he shivered as the cold rushed against his neck, again. "Let me guess . . . a bad one."

The Wizard made a sound, and, he couldn't tell quite right through the whistling wind, but, he could've sworn it was a laugh. "Isn't it always?"

As if on cue, it started snowing. The snow got picked up by the high winds, and, within a few minutes, Marcus couldn't see one foot in front of him for all the whirling snow. Just his luck - a full blown blizzard, on the day he decided to go for a trip through the woods.

"Marcus, you need to find shelter!"

"Where?! I can barely s-umph!" He grunted, as he ran into a tree, hitting his head pretty hard and landing on his behind. Thankfully, the snow cushioned his fall - not so thankfully, it was colder down here, sitting in the snow, than standing up.

"Marcus, we're going to have to wait out the blizzard. Just try and stay warm, won't you?" Grim soothed, materializing and wrapping his dark form around Marcus. Despite his dark nature, the Wizard was very caring when he wanted to be - and was actually an amazing coat against the blizzard.

He grabbed a hold of Grim, settling down at the base of the tree, and tried to pull him and his own jacket closer to his body. He closed his eyes, shielding them from the storm, deciding it would be best to just sit here until it passed.

. . .

. . .

. . .

Suddenly, the tree shook with a loud CRASH! The ground beneath him vibrated with tremors, and he lifted his head to look around, just in time for a pile of snow to fall of the tree and land on his head.

Grim seemed to be letting off steam, the snow falling all around them - and even the snow that Marcus thought he'd been laying down in - having melted long ago.

Marcus looked around, frantic, trying to find the source of the crash, but, his vision was still obscured. "Grim?! What can you see?!"

"Marcus, shush!" Grim growled, nearly silent, in his ear. "There's a fight nearby," he said, focused on something, his shadowy figure pulsating and rippling with ire.

"A fight? Who would be fighting in the middle of a blizzard?" he wondered aloud, trying to see how it was. He could barely see the figures, outlined in the snow, one pinning the other against a surface.

"Not who. What. They're Wave Beings, like - !"

". . .Zerker, does the fact that you got wiped out simply by not having something as trivial as a friend hurt?"

Those words carried over the whistling wind, and, as they came to them, Grim's pulsating form immediately froze. Wrapped around him as it was, Marcus watched as his Wizard started pulsating with untapped, unused power, his entire form vibrating with violent energy.

He wasn't sure he'd ever seen Grim so angry, before.

" . . . Why that little," Grim snarled under his breath, only audible because of how close he was to Marcus' ear. "Marcus . . . I need you to trust me. I'll explain everything later, but, right now . . . this is personal."

Marcus didn't even have time to answer, properly. He responded with a confused, "Wha-," quickly cut off by a yelp of surprise as Grim's shadowy form began expanding around him. Within seconds, the shadowy cocoon had surrounded him, and all Marcus could see was darkness.

None of this made sense! What . . . what was Grim doing?! Why . . . why was it so hard to think? His thoughts growing slow and his eyes heavy, Marcus almost drifted off. Failing to fight it off one last time, Marcus drifted off into darkness.

I'm sorry, kid. Hopefully, you'll understand, soon. You've no idea what I really am . . . but, soon. Soon, all the suffering both of us have gone through will make sense, and, soon, we'll be able to stand up to any threat together. Everyone will remember the terror we strike into their hearts.

. . .Right now, though, I need to do something. And I can't do that with you in control.

The dark cocoon spiraled violently, contracting in on itself, the violent blizzard being absorbed into its vacuum. As the last of the biting cold winds were absorbed into the violent cocoon of energy, it expanded outward, and all but vanished.

Grim Veil materialized out of a series of dark, chaotic tendrils above the snow covered battlefield. Glaring down at the targets of his rage, the lycanthropic Wave Warrior saw an interesting sight: A warrior resembling the Zerker Tribe, pinning a purple clad Wave Warrior to what looked a lot like the Glacier Rock Marcus was talking about. As he looked at their faces and physique, though, the two looked identical - almost like twins, the only difference being that one was gifted by the Zerker, and the other wasn't.

Which meant that the purple clad warrior was the offender.

Brandishing his sharp fangs, Grim Veil snarled, a stream of chaotic red energy forming over his right claws. The three ivory claws neatly close inwardly as a thick, five-meter long whip forms over his hand, hiding his claws from view. The long whip, named the Pain Taster, was, as it had always been, an exact copy of his tail: five meters long, jagged edges, brutal and agonizing.

As his intentions set in, his chaotic aura flared, and, he felt himself tap into his full power for the first time in . . . well, even he'd forgotten. His mane rippling with excess power, he descended into shadow, his body suddenly disappearing into a veil of shadows that blended into his surroundings seamlessly.

Grim Veil lowered himself to the ground, and carefully padded through the snow towards the pair. Stepping up to stand right next to the offender, and then beside the Glacier, to be just out of sight of the pair, Grim Veil positioned his whip and cracked it around the Glacier, willing the prehensile tail to contort around the rock of ice to strike the Wave Warrior pinned to it on the other side.

As soon as he uses the attack, he rises out of the shadows, the shadowy veil receding back into his pelt. But, he'd planned for that - the only signs either contender would have for his current presence would be the terrifying lash marks that might appear on the offender. Safely hidden out of sight on the edge of the glacier, he still had the advantage of surprise.

And the advantage that neither of these warriors were likely prepared for the horrors that he brought to the battlefield.
Grim Veil
HP: 100%
Delayed Reckoning Reserve: N/A
Status: Okay!

Custom: 0/10 - Slot-In!
{Scythe 1}{Guard}{Ice Meteor 1}{Piranha Kiss 1}{Voltic Eye 1}{Mad Vulcan 1}


Cool Down
Ability Waves

Custom Bonus
The user's custom refills in 8 turns instead of 10 as long as this bonus is in effect.

Break Drawback
The first offensive attack that an opponent uses in a turn gains the Break Status Effect.
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Nova Ozuka
((So you know, I haven't gotten Nova reapproved yet, so I can't use the stat system))


Dark Giga cringed as a whip came seemingly out of nowhere and struck him in the side of his ribcage. Looks like they weren't alone after all. "I don't know who you are, but he attacked first," Dark Giga pointed out before warping a few meters away.

"We seem to recall you telling us to show you our moves," Zerker!Nova countered before he reappeared in Dark's face. Startled by the jump scare, Dark stepped back, slipping on the ice, rendering himself vulnerable to a diagonal slash.

Almost knocked onto his back, Dark Giga's jet boots roared to life. Utilizing them, he righted himself and floated in the air. He was outnumbered, and he couldn't fight at full power against two enemies without speeding up his defeat and his potential demise. "I'll take that cut as a 'yes'," he remarked.

Suddenly, a light gray and yellow version of Giga-Cyz appeared over Nova's head as the Zerker controlled warrior pointed at Dark. A blast of lightning shot from Giga's open maw, which Dark narrowly avoided by swerving aside. If I take another hit like that, I'll have no choice but to retreat now that there's two, Dark thought.

He summoned a box shaped cannon on his free arm, which he fired, knocking Nova off his feet. The Zerker controlled warrior planted his sword in the ice to right himself and slow his speed while Dark looked around in search for his attacker. I'll be sure to strike that one at least once before I go.
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(Cool, then we'll just RP Battle.)

Grim Veil glared up at the dark warrior, watching him with a predator's interest. To get his attention, he snarled, an echoing, terror-inducing screech bellowing deep in his throat.

Somewhere, deep in Grim Veil's mind, he felt a stirring. Something . . . someone . . . becoming aware, trying to wake up. Knowing Marcus was back there somewhere, Grim simply suppressed him, trying to keep him down. He wanted to avoid this conversation for as long as he could. With any luck, Marcus won't have any memory of this.

Waving his whip around in an arc, he brought it down in a violent crack - but, aimed for the ground, instead of the offender. A powerful burst of chaotic energy leaped from the end of his weapon, making a sound like rolling thunder as it forms a flock of ravens that rolls over the battlefield, scourging the ground and leaving large gouges across the earth in their wake.

His omen scarred across the battlefield, as the flock of ravens arc up and begin flying above his target, Grim Veil cracked his whip again; this time, aimed properly at the dark warrior's ankle. The strike would hurt considerably less, but, with it, thunder rolled overhead and the ravens began to call.

All of his omens in place, Grim Veil stayed still for an instant, as the calamitous energy washed over him. Chaotic power practically rolled over him, his vision turning a violent red as his aura flared up all around him. Dismissing his whip, Grim Veil held his claws together, and, in the chamber between his peaked claws, he formed a sphere of shadows, his very own veil breaking up and forming into this little sphere.

It had been so long since he had a proper fight, but, he seemed to still know how to handle himself. With a snarl, he pulled his hands back and then surged them forward, releasing the sphere of shadows into the air. The small ball traveled directly forward, straight towards the dark warrior . . . but, moved kind of slowly, about half the speed of a normal bullet.

Once it made contact with Dark Giga, or it got close enough, it would suddenly explode and expand into a shadowy sphere that would surround his person, isolating him from the world. Tendrils of shadowy, hooked tentacles would writhe about in its mass, lashing out and latching onto Dark Giga, draining him of his confidence.

Very few warriors fought like he did. He fought with a terrifying visage and terrifying attacks to back them up. What Grim Veil was curious to see, was if they had the courage to stand up to him.
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