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Marcus Fuun and Grim are Grim Veil
Topic Started: Jul 28 2016, 08:42 PM (395 Views)
Name: Marcus Fuun
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Appearance: Marcus is a short, lanky teen with a rather pale complexion. He stands only 5'8", his shoulder length black hair is most often brushed out straight, left to hang behind his neck rather than flow over his shoulders, his bangs combed from in front of his bright red eyes. Part of his hair, normally brushed so that it hangs down the side of his face, is colored a crimson red.
Thin in physique but surprisingly lithe in form, Marcus has the telltale signs of a dedicated athlete from his high school years on the acrobatics team. He has scars running across his upper arms, chest and back, from a childhood incident in the foster system, as well as a curious array of other scars along his wrists, legs and abdomen.

His signature attire consists of a dark red, long sleeve turtleneck sweater; over a form-fitting, flexible under armor shirt; and a pair of thick, black wool pants, completed with a pair of snow shoes. When not out in the snow, he peels off his outer layers, and mostly just walks around in his under armor shirt, shorts and tennis shoes.
Personality: Marcus likes to think himself as very determined. No matter how impossible or daring an act seems, he pushes himself to the best of his ability. Marcus is very cunning, with a hardened mind and indomitable will - protecting his free-flowing thought process. Very dynamic and constantly thinking, his thought process changes on the fly, and his motivations seem to change with it.

His largest motivation is simply freedom. The freedom of shackles or restrictions, to do whatever can be done at the apex of your ability.

Beyond all of his good personality traits, though, there is a rather melodramatic side. Marcus has had a long history of terrible luck, bad first impressions, random attacks and uproars, and other things that he can't really explain: The only connection being his presence. As such, he's kind of a free floater, and is used to getting blamed for things happening; he doesn't let things bother him, and is rather independent.
Biography: Some are born with power. Others are born to powerful positions. Most are born without it. And some . . . well, they're born by power.

The talks and gossips say that he was born under an inauspicious sign. That his parents were warned by all the omens possible before planning to have him. That a freak fanatic forced him into being only to sacrifice him. That misfortune and loss surrounded his birth from the very beginning.

Whether or not any of that is true is totally up in the air, and up to the person listening to the madness. What is true, though, is that Marcus was born in the icy environment of the frozen north, an albino. Shortly after his birth, his parents went through a financial crisis that resulted in his parents losing everything, all for the sake of ensuring that their baby boy stayed alive. Barely able to afford their own home, they were soon forced out on the streets, and, in their desperation, his parents put baby Marcus into the Foster Child Care system. Shortly after, his parents were found as lifeless popsicles, killed by frostbite after a ravaging pack of wild arctic wolves descended upon them in the night.

A harsh beginning, that accomplished nothing more than reinforcing the rumors. Raised in the foster care home near Grizzly Resorts, Marcus had a really simple but sad life. Bad things were always happening, as his signature misfortune and pain followed him like a cloud of desolation, and he suffered multiple beatings from the harsh "caretakers." It was in this harsh environment of control and punishment that he developed his independent, free personality, bent on doing whatever he wanted to do, no matter the consequences.

He had a very simple school life. He stayed quiet, and avoided detection in most every parameter aside from the sports field, where he embraced something that he truly enjoyed: Acrobatics. A natural on the sports field, all of the other competitors always seemed to have the worst of luck, whereas he excelled in every way. These experiences in school only strengthened his leading motivation of a sense of freedom, and would prove invaluable in his next stretch of life.

Lead to a life of sneaking about as often as possible by his new motivation, he began frequently and adamantly sneak out of the house to get an experience of the real world, taking others with him when he had the chance. Sure, sometimes they got a little beat up by people not all too happy with his presence, hence his multiple scars, but, it was worth the experience.

At least, he thought it was. It was on one such expedition, while he was out on his own, that he met Grim. The shadowy UMA seemed to coalesce directly out of the shadows of a midnight alleyway, and, without real explanation or talk, began following Marcus around. Grim was questionably quiet, and his intentions unclear, but, Marcus was thankful for company that didn't chastise or blame him for everything, and seemed to cause as much misfortune as he did. The two became friends simply by their vast similarities. Once he got his first Transer, and later his first Hunter, Grim was the obvious choice as his Wizard.

He was quick to get sick, cursed at by his fellows, and followed by distrust and darkness everywhere he went. But, when he finally broke away from that blasted foster home, he was able to become his own man, and he moved back up into the Grizzly Resort area with the small income he'd made at a small job. With his Wizard Grim at his back, things were shaping up, and, despite his bad luck, he thought he was ready to tackle the world.

Wave Being
Name: Grim
Gender: Male
Appearance: The shadowy Wizard is a deep crimson in wave color, with a lupine head crafted from pitch black wave armor. A deep, orange glow takes on the form of his eyes, the rest of his EM Body composed purely of deep crimson waves. As his wave signature fluctuates like a flowing, spiky mane in the wind, the ends of his crimson waves wisp off into shadowy clouds. When enraged or exhilarated, the signature pikes up, causing the shadowy cloud to pick up and almost consume his form. He floats upright, and ends in an upward curve that acts as his tail.
Personality: Grim and Marcus are a lot alike in terms of personality. Both are severely intelligent, independent, cunning determined, as well as extraordinarily dynamic and unpredictable.

They also share a similar freed way of thinking, and don't let other's opinions or ideas bother them in the slightest. Another vector of bad luck and ill omens, Grim specializes - and quite well lives with - the majority of the problems Marcus has had to deal with.

The only real difference between them is how they use their indifferent and dynamic point of view. Marcus wouldn't be quick to harm others intentionally - Grim, though, is more than willing and ready to backlash against his foes for opposing or belittling him.
Biography: In mythology, the black wolf has been an ill omen for death and destruction. The lithe, fast creature was seen only before catastrophe, and either forwarded or thwarted the chaos, and then quickly left. Named the Grim, this beast was a fearful sight, as it meant something beyond the normal crisis was coming.

Grim is the source of these mythological stories. A vector of chaotic energy, the lupine UMA is attracted by a certain feeling that an area about to undergo catastrophe gives off, and feeds off of the chaos, confusion and destruction it causes. The black streak in the midst of calamity, that seemingly darker shadow at the center of the storm, or perhaps that feeling of desolation that prevents fearful victims from running away are all things that have described Grim throughout history, and, depending on how he feels about the event about to transpire, may forward it with glee, or fight against it with all of his force.

After his kind were noticed and given praise by the ancient Murian people, his tale was given more grandeur, as an omen of death and destruction; in reality, he was just attracted by it, and could cause it if he so desired. His presence didn't guarantee it.

Throughout his time, as is customary with other UMAs of his kind, more than one Grim did exist. But he was the alpha, the others without soul. And it was he alone that would go on to find a partner. Throughout history, he chose many, finding himself in the vicinity as they were born. And they lived through life suffering the same hardships that he did, in hopes that they would meld them into the perfect partner for him.

And it was this same choice that bestowed Marcus with his curse. And, once Grim felt the boy was ready, greeted him in that shadow in the alleyway.

Wave Conversion
Name: Grim Veil
Element: Chaos
Sub Element: Shadow
Gender: Male
Description: When they merge, the majority of their charges are purely aesthetic, with little to no changes in terms of physique. Grim Veil's form is reminiscent of a lycanthrope's hybrid form, the form just between human and full wolf.

His head is that of a black wolf's, with an elongated black snout and sharp, menacing white fangs. He has menacing, feral, orange eyes, and a flowing, black, spiky main that trails down and over his back, with crimson points at their end.

His upper body is wrapped in crimson leather armor, light but flexible. The leather straps over his shoulders cross and connect to a buckled belt at the opposite hip, a simple undershirt beneath the crossing armor. An opening on either side of the abdomen shows toned, human skin underneath, scars lining the muscled sides of Grim Veil's torso.

His arms are rather wide compared to the rest of his physique, and rippling muscles are obvious beneath the little armor he wears. His upper arms are covered in crimson leather wrapped in mithral chains, covering his arms from the shoulder to just before his elbow. His arms, from that point on, are consumed in black fur, the fur on his arms reaching his leathered armor and then continuing in an array of crimson-tipped spikes, to end at his shoulders. Grim Veil's hands are little more than an array of three, razor sharp, curved ivory claws erupting from where his wrists would be.

Much like his arms, his legs have leather armor wrapped in mithral chains all the way from the hips down to just before his knee. From that point on, his legs change, taking on wolf-like qualities, being coated in black fur and having extra joints at the foot. His feet are clawed, too, but, in a much more traditional way, with the normal number of toes and claws. When standing on his heels, Grim Veil stands 5'8"; when standing on his hackles, he rises to 6'.

Protruding from his back, jutting out at the end of his spine, is a long, black-furred tail. The strange tail is thinner at the base, fans out, and then retracts and widens open on itself multiple times, creating a strange, jagged-edged tail, which is still perfectly prehensile.

Wreathing from off of his crimson tipped spikes are wisps of shadow, creating a small cloud of shadowy murk around his person. A terrifying visage, Grim Veil isn't normally someone people look forward to seeing.

- Dynamic: Grim Veil is a very dynamic being, a vector of chaos on the battlefield. His tactics are hard to read, because they're constantly changing.
- Shadow Veil: The wolf permeates a veil of shadowy murk, concealing him. He is naturally stealthy and nimble, and better at staying quiet than most.
- Savage Strength: This beast of chaos has strength that comes from a savagery unlike any other.
- Sense of Danger: Grim Veil has a natural sense for danger, and is very attentive and in tuned on the battlefield.
- Chaotic Planning: Continuously changing battle tactics are often unpracticed battle tactics, and Grim Veil often charges in without a plan.
- Light Weight: The wolf's size is mostly caused by fur, and, thus, he appears a lot larger than he has weight to boast for - making him easier to toss around.
- Frenzied Strength: This beast of chaos' strength is so grand, it comes at a terrible price. He lacks endurance for prolonged fights, and normally relies on dispatching foes quickly.
- Grim Luck: Grim Veil is a vector of chaotic energy, misfortune and calamity, and incapable of thinking of anything more than this danger. The wellbeing of others, friend or foe, are of no meaning to him.

Weapon 1
Weapon Name: Chaotic Vector
Weapon Description: The mere presence of Grim Veil is an ill omen to catastrophe, and the being has unique ways of utilizing its curse to its advantages.

1. Attack Name: Impending Doom
Type: Passive Ability
Element: Chaos
Description: The avatar of strife, catastrophe and calamity itself, Grim Veil strikes his foes with the most terrible misfortune of all by twisting fate into his favor: The fear that they are incapable of victory.
So attuned to calamity that he can avoid it for a short time, Grim Veil seems almost completely unaffected by any form of attack, only taking its detrimental effects later.
Damage: Damage, as well as all Negative Effects, from all attacks are delayed until one turn after the attack hits him, stored in a Delayed Reckoning Reserve until it applies. Self-Inflicted Damage or Status Effects do not get Delayed in this way. However, Grim Veil cannot regain more than Moderate Health from any outside source. Negative Effects stored in the Delayed Reckoning Reserve are still treated as affecting Grim Veil. Damage cannot be removed from the Delayed Reckoning Reserve more than twice every five turns, and this amount cannot exceed High Damage.
*Outside sources include any effects not from Grim Veil's weapons, such as Battlecards.
*Negative Effects are any debuff or status effect with a duration applied to Grim Veil that isn't self-inflicted. For example, Paralysis is a Negative Effect, but, Break, Pierce, Blows Auras/Barriers and Homing are not.

2. Attack Name: Cursed Chains of Stolen Victory - Calamity
Type: Normal Gun
Element: Chaos
Description: Crossing his claws in front of him, Grim Veil generates a large field of chaotic energy, which lashes out in a series of powerful chaotic chains, leeching out and violently lashing onto his victim. The chaotic energy drains victims of vitality and the will to go on, stealing from them their hope and their dreams of victory.
Damage: High Damage. 3 Meter Diameter Projectile, Two Hands. Three-Action Charge. This attack reduces the amount of Damage stored in the Delayed Reckoning Reserve by the same amount of Damage it deals. 2-CD.

3. Attack Name: Selfish Preservation
Type: Trigger Ability
Element: Chaos
Description: His chaotic aura creates pandemonium wherever he goes, and, often, calamity brings out the survival instincts of others, pushing them to stay alive - no matter the cost.
Damage: When his attacks with some form of range are dodged, such as a Whip or Gun, he expends an action at the start of his next turn to allow the attack to persist onward and instead lash out at another valid opponent. If no valid opponent is present, the attack backlashes and deals its Damage -3 (to a minimum of Pathetic) Damage Levels on the foe who dodged it, but, also Paralyzes them [Note: This can still be avoided]. 6-CD.
Weapon 2
Weapon Name: Pain Taster
Weapon Description: Grim Veil's signature weapon, a brutal and sinister whip. Questionably similar in form to his tail, the jagged edges of this five meter whip rip and tear at its victims in an agonizing way. Can be summoned and dismissed from chaotic forces at will.

1. Attack Name: Cruelty
Type: Whip
Element: Chaos/Shadow
Description: Grim Veil lashes out with either the whip or his tail, lashing at foes with practicing proficiency and merciless cruelty.
Damage: Low Damage, usable multiple times a turn. Five meter whip. Requires one hand.
Optionally, can require no hands, deal Low Damage, and no longer be usable multiple times a turn. Adds a 3-CD to the entire attack.

2. Attack Name: Cursed Lash of Agonizing Darkness - Calamity
Type: SAA
Element: Shadow
Description: A veil of chaotic energy envelops his tail, and, with a single whip, a tendril of chaotic energy surrounds a 1 meter area of choice. The area suddenly explodes into an array of chaotic energy, and, for a split instant, the victim gets a feel of the chaotic and dark forces that are always tearing at Grim Veil's body: The area explodes into a whirlwind of darkness, disembodied serrated claws reaching from the whirlwind and wails of agony circling up and all around them. The number of claws and wails are totally up to fate.
Damage: Grim Veil rolls a six sided die, and deals Damage based on the effect. One-Action Charge. 1: Pathetic, Breaks and Blows Auras/Barriers; 2: Pitiful, Pierces and Poisons (The piercing claws cause extreme pain that carries on); 3: Low, Confuses (Disoriented by wails of agony); 4: Low, Blinds (By shadowy apparitions blocking eyesight); 5: Moderate, Level 1 Winds Push; 6: Moderate, Gravity (By crushing lack of confidence).

3. Attack Name: Afflicted Caress
Type: Whip
Element: Chaos
Description: Grim Veil cracks his whip, agonizing energy roiling over it. The whip absorbs his delayed agony, and uses it as a weapon.
Damage: Six instances of Damage in his Delayed Reckoning Reserve are numbered 1-6. This attack uses the Damage and Effects of whatever it rolls, removing that instance of Damage from his Delayed Reckoning Reserve, to a Maximum of Great Damage and High removed. The instances numbered must be in increasing Damage or Effect. No more than 1 Modest or higher Damage Instance can be numbered. 1-Action Charge. 3-CD.
Weapon 3
Weapon Name: Accursed Form
Weapon Description: His proficiency may be in whips, but his true power lies in his body. His accursed body holds many ailments as its own, and specializes in utilizing it.

1. Attack Name: Shadow Veil
Type: Activated Ability
Element: Shadow
Description: The shadowy wisps that represent Grim Veil's agony begin forming much faster, creating a veil of shadows all about him that suddenly cause the beast to disappear from sight, save for a cloud of shadowy mist.
Damage: Grim Veil sacrifices a card slot to use the effect of the card Invisible. For a maximum of three turns, he remains invisible, but, reverts back to normal should he execute an attack. While invisible, any melee attack that he uses gains an additional damage level. 6-CD. He loses 1 Action Slot each turn.

2. Attack Name: Cursed Burst of Tenebrous Hesitation - Calamity
Type: Bomb
Element: Shadow
Description: Grim Veil throws forward a slow moving ball of liquid shadows, something roiling around within. Upon contact with any thing, the orb explodes into a mass of writhing, hooked tentacles and disappointed calls of the forgotten, crushing a victim's confidence.
Damage: Modest Damage, 2 meter radius explosion. 1 Hand, two action charge. Inflicts Tier 4 Speed Decrease on victims that lasts 2 turns. The executed attack itself must be done as the final action of a turn, and has a slow movement when fired.

3. Attack Name: Scourge
Type: Activated Ability
Element: Chaos
Description: Using his whip, presence or form to scourge the battlefield in certain ways, Grim Veil creates omens and signs for his Calamities.
Damage: Scourge applies a Damage Level Nerf, Moderate Self-Inflicted Damage, and an extra 3 turns of CD to Grim Veil's next attack. In return, that attack becomes a powerful omen of darkness, allowing him to use an attack denoted as a Calamity without Action Charges. 6-CD.
Weapon 4
Weapon Name: Accursed Ferocity
Weapon Description: His most obvious curse being that of Lycanthropy, he utilizes the primal strength proffered to rip through his enemies. In times of needs, he consumes their blood for his survival.

1. Attack Name: Harrowing Slash
Type: Sword
Element: Shadow
Description: His ivory claws, weapons of destruction in the dark of the storm, rip and tear without prejudice.
Damage: Moderate Damage. Grim Veil's Delayed Reckoning Reserve is reduced by the amount of Damage this attack deals. 1-Action Charge, two hands.
By sacrificing Moderate Health upon the use of this attack, Grim Veil can use this attack a second and third time during the turn. 6-CD, 3-CD added to whole attack.

2. Attack Name: Cursed Howl of Discord - Calamity
Type: Explosion
Element: Chaos
Description: His chaotic aura flares up, as he raises his maw and howls to the sky. In response, a chaotic symphony of other evil omens pierces the air; a crows caw, screams of agony, howling wolves, flashes of thunder, as shadowy apparitions rise up and assault all in the area.
Damage: High Damage, 3 Meter Radius Explosion inflicts Confusion. 3-CD, two hands, two action charge.

3. Attack Name: Blood Maw
Type: CQC
Element: Shadow/Chaos
Description: Tearing into his victim, claws away and fangs out, Grim Veil taps into his feral power for a bloody treat.
Damage: Moderate Damage, no hands.
Grim Veil's BBW
BBW Name: Ruinous Ascension
Type: Ability BBW
Description: Grim Veil's chaotic nature seems to go into overdrive, his shadowy veil intensifying as he nears his end. Catastrophe follows him more closely, and his skill in battle grows with each one he endures.

1. Attack Name: Pandemonium
Type: Passive
Element: Chaos
Description: Grim Veil ascends beyond physical boundaries and normal limitations, allowing himself to push past the limitations of his ailments, creating a chaotic aura around himself that lashes out at all people inside of it - including himself.
Damage: Debuffs and Status Effects are placed on a different Delayed Reckoning Reserve than Damage, including self-inflicted ones. Debuffs with a duration do not begin to effect Grim Veil until that duration itself is past, and then the effect sets in and lasts its full duration; however, Grim Veil is still considered to be suffering from the effect while it is on its delayed time. Status Effects are delayed for a number of turns equal to their Tier, and are likewise still considered to be afflicting Grim Veil. For each effect placed on Delayed Time, and each turn that passes before its effects take place, he and his opponents take Pathetic Damage.

2. Attack Name: Veil of Misfortune
Type: Trigger
Element: Shadow
Description: Misfortune and malcontent descend Grim Veil into shadow, his shadowy veil engulfing him while under strife.
Damage: When Grim Veil is afflicted by a Negative Effect, he becomes Invisible. He remains invisible for as long as the Negative Effect is afflicting him, or until he attacks. While Invisible, Melee Attacks gain 1 Damage Level, and Ranged Attacks lose 1 Damage Level. 3-CD.

3. Attack Name: Managed Mayhem
Type: Activated Ability
Element: Chaos
Description: Calamity and misfortune are at his whim, and Grim Veil can use his close connection to these forces of the universe in order to change how they effect others.
Damage: Grim Veil can either Remove one Negative Effect from himself upon activation, or change a Negative Effect attached to his next attack to any Status Effect of equal value. For instance, Break could be turned into Poison, Tier 3 Speed Decrease for Two Turns into Confuse, or Paralyze into a Tier 4 Speed Decrease for Two Turns. 5-CD.
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