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[Work] Club Xiong
Topic Started: Sep 3 2016, 01:22 AM (351 Views)
Mitchell had slipped in before the club opened, greeting the two security personnel at the front door with a wave and a smile. He'd probably see about taking one of the girls home with him tonight, if things went as they usually did. That'd been an hour ago, and he'd spent the time since finishing the set up on his booth. Huang might not like having him setting up shop in his club, but the fact that he was self sufficient, did his own security work when needed, and brought in a surprising amount of business from kids who decided they needed to talk to the boss in person did wonders for their working relationship. The fact that Mitchell also paid a good chunk for the 'privilege' of working out of a shitty club with shitty music helped, probably.

Mitchell had camped in the VIP section, with a good view of the dance floor, and he was mostly just getting drinks and taking reports from people. Thankfully, this half hadn't seen many takers, and Huang might not begrudge him taking the spot. Of course, Huang could be planning a back stab, but he would probably wait until after the club emptied at this point. Eh, fuck him. The only one of his goons who could take Mitchell were the two security gals and he'd subverted the twins a while ago.

Mitchell's only real appointment of the night came in late. Just after eleven, the man came in and looked... well, Mitchell was going to have to move to a new location if this guy wanted anything more illegal than the number of one of the college girls who would- oh, that was actually probably what he was here for. Great. Mitchell hid his disgust, taking his seat before the man made it up onto the balcony. The man had given far too much attention to the twins, and may or may not have groped one of the female patrons on his way through to the stairs. It was hard to tell, and he had a show to put on.


Mitchell felt disgustingly like a pimp now. Of course, the girl wouldn't turn down the money, and had actually asked him to set her up, but the guy's willingness to pay literally thousands of zenny for a girl had made him double check that the man wasn't going to rape and murder her or something, but no, just an incest fetish. Which was grosser.

A glance back down at the party showed it still going full swing, He sighed, glanced at the drink in his hands, and hit the button on his transer to order himself another one. He had four more informants coming in at some point tonight, and then he was gonna close up shop. For a moment, he wistfully let his eyes take in the twins, taking an intoxicated patron outside, but shook his head and turned to go back over the reports that he'd gotten so far tonight.

A man's work is never done. Mitchell thought wistfully as he pulled his hood down and ran his hair through the spiky untamed mass before getting back to work.


Mitchell hummed softly to himself as the club wound down. One of his informants was passed out on the seat to his right, the girl half collapsed against him. She'd run four miles to deliver news about ongoing yakuza action, and he'd back traced the whole thing once he'd known what to look for. It had given him updated information on the criminal lines around here. Some minor gang fight, but it looked like one of the local gangs were gonna be taken out of the equation. He needed to talk to Huang and figure out if staying long term was going to be an option. Huang was an independent who had held his position for a long time. Someone worth long term partnering with.

His eyes strayed to the teen next to him and shifted out from under her, laying his jacket over her as he went to find Huang. The two had business to discuss, and it wasn't like he needed to look impersonal when dealing with Huang.
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