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[Closed] Adrift in peace
Topic Started: Sep 10 2016, 10:27 PM (894 Views)
High above what was once Nation Z, amidst the void on the edges of the atmosphere, something coalesced out of the ether, pulling EM Waves into a humanoid shape. It came together, formulating quickly, a figure with the appearance of a girl in her late teens or early twenties, wearing a form fitting body suit, a green bolero, white hot pants, and full boots. After a few seconds of ensuring she'd materialized properly, she collapsed, seating herself on the edge of an invisible cliff, letting herself gaze down at the world. Her eyes, deep blue, the color of the oceans beneath her, flicker through the other colors of the rainbow before she closes her eyes tightly, reopening them in that same striking blue.

"I've been at work too long. My labors are... finally complete, I guess. The world has changed while I've been busy, but... Somehow, I don't think it really has. The world might be in a constant low level dimensional area, my kind might have been discarded because of more alien tech, but... nothing has changed, has it?"

She shakes her head, allowing herself to reach up and run her fingers through her hair.

"Crime's still rampant, everyone still hates everyone else, and the idea of lasting peace is considered a pipe dream. It's... disgusting. Two hundred years and humanity can't even realize that it has a duty to get it together. If we were judged now we'd get our shit kicked in and honestly, I can't say we wouldn't deserve it." Her eyes flicker to purple as she says disgusting, before she blinks and her eyes return to blue.

"Ugh. Okay. Step one now that I'm done, is to take a vacation and relax. Maybe see if I can reach an accord. Then I can look and see what became of the love bird." Syn stands again, drifting in the low G and hums softly as she allows gravity to take hold and she drops toward the earth, form flickering and shifting before she flickers out and vanishes.
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