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Before The End [virus]
Topic Started: Sep 16 2016, 04:16 PM (300 Views)
Did you ever wonder why your life seems to never really go anywhere, why nothing of importance is ever accomplished, and why none of what you do will ever ultimately matter to future generations but you did it anyway? In the end, even famous authors fall into obscurity, merely ink blots in the mural of humanity. It is not things that one creates that indicates they truly lived; it is the bits of themselves they embed in others memories. But all fade, and nothing remains. Perhaps one day a bored schoolchild digging through archives at random will stumble across your life's story and nod their approval, your memory coming to life once more until their brief attention span moves on. Human lives are but the skin cells on the complex organism of humanity, existing, then shed into the dustbin.

Bearing the burden of knowing nothing you do ultimately matters but doing it anyway, that is the true measure of strength. Knowing the end is oblivion and marching into it- had their ever been an choice otherwise? These fates, part of which is roles assigned at birth, part self-determined- just another actor on the stage of life. Soon, soon each one's part is over. But in the moment they are a-stage, give it your all.

Before the beginning of the end, before charging into the final boss chapter, Kazuki aka Null and James sidequested. Mac was dead; this was probably true. But part of Mac lived in James' memory. That part had became sentient by some arcane process. It had - for a brief time - lived its own existence, studied the world. But it never deviated from the path set before it: to finish the fight and protect their friends. Null rejected the name but not the destiny. An echo; a memory. And yet, Null was Mac as much as Mac was Mac. In the end, that's what we all become... memories.

In the Mojave desert, in the monolith they called the Whazzap Wave Stadium, Kazuki stood alone. Nothing moved; nothing was so much as alive in the biological sense of it. But soon it would come to life anew. Not with Wave Warriors as a challenge, but with viruses - with the collective mass unconsciousness of our digital devices. Creatures of memory. To quell the ghosts that haunt one's mind... Kazuki had came to confront the ghosts of data past.

And Kazuki could do something to them, unlike the ghosts of mind. Because Kazuki, too, was nothing more than a ghost in a shell. NetNavi, Wizard... all functions carried out by a spaghetti-like tangle of deleted, scrapped, reworked code. And memories.

Dead center in the supposedly defunct stadium, the blonde cowboy cop waited. And in the sky above, gray clouds covered the sun, blanketing the world in a dreary but uniform light.
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