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Weapons Guide v5
Topic Started: Apr 1 2017, 06:34 PM (1,494 Views)
::The Weapons Guide::

- - Overview - -
The Weapons Guide is a guide that helps you understand the basics of all the different types of attacks your characters' Wave Conversions can have. All weapons are to be balanced by the rules stated within this guideline, starting with the baselines below and any and all rules for applying appropriate buffs and drawbacks. While the Weapons Guide is in no way all inclusive, Staff holds the right to deny any attack or effect that a member creates. Staff also holds the right to require additional drawbacks than an attack would usually call for, if the staff member sees fit.

- - Melee Baselines - -

Melee weapons are defined as any weapon that are better suited for close-range combat. While some of these weapons have a reach as long as ten meters, they are still most effective when used up close. Because of the close-ranged aspect of each of these weapons, Melee weapons are stronger than most other Weapon baselines.



Chained Weapons



- - Ranged Baseline - -

Ranged attacks are all attacks that can hit your opponent from a distance. Nothing stops them from being used at a closer range or even at point-blank, but staying farther away when using these is usually safer. Ranged attacks have a usual reliable range of anything within ten meters - while not requiring extra drawbacks to aim farther, it is understood that anything beyond ten meters is a much harder target to hit. Because of their increased range, and the ability to hit multiple targets in a line, Ranged Baseline attacks are weaker than their melee counterparts.

Normal Guns

Sniping Guns


- - Area of Effect - -

Area of Effect attacks are exactly what they sound like: Attacks that are not limited by range or other parameters, and are instead limited to targeting and proximity. Area of Effect attacks target an area around the user, or at afar, and unleash the full breadth of their destructive force in that area. Because of their flexibility, this Baseline has the weakest attacks.

Selective Area Attacks


- - Defensive/Support Baseline - -

Defensive and support attacks give some sort of assistance to the user, whether it be through defense, dodging or healing. Supporting attacks are among the most useful kind, so Wave Conversions have limited access to each type of support attack. Each type and their respective guidelines can be found below.






- - Summon Baseline - -

Summons are attacks that allow you to spawn either inanimate or animated objects to assist you in the battlefield, whether it is by attacking enemies or to serve as a protective objects. Any Drawbacks applied to summons must be extended to apply for as long as the summon is active on the battlefield to be a valid drawback.
If you do not have enough confidence, experience, or even interest in using these, we suggest you skip this part. Otherwise, the types of summons as well as their guidelines are found below.



- - Abilities Baseline - -

Abilities are the final type of weapon attacks, and they are similar to support abilities in that they serve to give the user an extra edge in battle. These tend to be very powerful, and they all must balance out with drawbacks of some kind. The different types of abilities are listed below.



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- - Buffs and Drawbacks - -

Basic Drawbacks

RP Drawbacks

Status Effects
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