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Shane D. Kahnnigan/Nightshade
Topic Started: May 18 2017, 12:32 PM (215 Views)

Name: Shane (Dante) Kahnnigan
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Description: Slim yet athletic body, green eye color and black hair color. Little over 190cm tall, with lighter skin tone than usual and no tan. Ambidextrous. Blood type: 0 -

Wears black boots, military green combat trousers held together with a grey belt. A green t-shirt under a black leather jacket as well as a black baseball cap and black Nomex gloves complete his outfit. Suffers from Photoreactive reflex. (Sneezing while being esposed to sunlight after trasitioning from a closed up space to the outside world.)

Personality: Calm, quiet, thoughtful and introvert. Prefers to avoid unnecessary conflict. Tends to overthink and lose himself in his thoughts. Lazy at times. Has a tendency to fidget around when bored or waiting.

Biography: Shane, born February 29th, is the first of two brothers. During his early days his life wasn't that different than most others of his age. His father, Albert Kahnnigan (lab tech), works in conjunction to his wife Naomi Weaver (physician) as CEO of Nebula Systems Dynamics (NSD in short), a private security systems provider. He lived in a fairly wealthy environment.

During the early to mid teens Shane has developed an interest for both Fencing and Martial Arts/Parkour, curious to explore both oriental and western cultures and their relationship. Starting at 11 he has grown up competing in various tournaments up to this day, becoming famous at a national level. Fencing Enthusiasts and fellow athletes have nicknamed him "The Green Gale", referencing at his suit color and the uncommon dexterity/speed exibited during a sparring session.

Things started to change at 16 years of age, when Earth experienced the invasion of planet FM's warriors. Thanks to a defective experimental device created by Nebula Systems Dynamics to dispatch EM viruses he was able to meet, or rather, avoid to have his body stolen by Shade. The FMian successive attempts to take over Shane's body were unsuccessful. Eventually, it would come to like Shane as he talked to him like some sort of imaginary friend, even though he was unable to hear or see him, but could feel his presence. The being, made mostly of UV waves, could never sneak up to him without making Shane sneeze.

Later on, with the aquisition of a transer, Shane was finally able to hear and see his "ghostly stalker". The first EM wave change was archieved to save Shane's brother from a virus induced explosion in his father's lab. Nightshade materialised for the first time.

Later events made Shane weary of his bond with Shade, opting to keep his identity as Nightshade a secret in fear of retaliation. As such, he changed the way he relates to people, acting easygoing, hyperactive, perky and cheerful around others while allowing his real normal behavior to manifest as Nightshade. If suspects gets raised, his brother (the only one knowing Nightshade's identity) would pose as him as to smash any suspicion.

With the creation of wizards and noise, Shane kept with his daily routine and fencing training. He eventually moved to work in his father's company to help the family, although he still travels around he world to attend fencing tournaments. [\quote]

EM Being

Name: Shade

Gender: Male

Description: Similar to a Fox, grey armor and neon green energy color. Typical FMian. Star of reference is UY Scuti. Scar on the right eye (blind).

Personality: Shade is a sly being. Loves one liners or snarky comebacks. Playful and cocky, loves teasing other EM beings for his amusement. Deeply values merit and strives to stick out and be someone special or famous like Shane.

Biography: Not much can be said about him, not even Shane himself knows of Shade's times before coming to earth. Not much is even worth mentioning, nor that will ever be mentioned. Inhabitant of planet FM, sent as a warrior on Earth, never returned home and considered KIA/MIA. After his first times searching for a compatible human and failing miserably at snagging his body, Shade spent the rest of the time studying the human's curious ability to percieve him by sneezing every time he got too close.

Eventually, grown fond of the human, he decided to remain with Shane when hostilities between FM and Earth ceased.


Wave Conversion

Name: Nightshade
Element: Shadow
Sub Element: Elec
Gender: Male
Description: Grey and black armor with green highlights and visor. Exibits Shane's original way to relate with others with some of Shade's quirks bleeding into Shane's behaviour.


Strengths and Weaknesses:
Fast/agile, sharp thinking, high stamina.
Lower strength, distracted, lower constitution.

Elec Element
Weakness: Wood, Cycle 4 Elements
Strength: Aqua, Cycle 3 Elements

Shadow Element
Weakness: Summon, Cycle 2 Elements
Strength: Break, Cycle 1 Elements

Weapon 1

Weapon Name: Shadow Step
Weapon Description: Nighshade's evasive manouvres and contingency plans.

1. Attack Name: Blink
Type: Warp
Description: User warps 1m in any direction. (7 turns cooldown)
Damage: N/A

2. Attack Name: Illusion
Type: Barrier
Element: N/A
Description: Distortion zone that slightly resembles gravitational lensing. When active, attacks that appear to strike the target are assorbed while the user slips away, giving the illusion of Nighshade dodging. Modest health, 5 turn CD.
Damage: N/A

3.Attack Name: Phase Shift
Type: Reflector
Element: Elec
Description: Nightshade's able to dodge-counter one attack.
Damage: Moderate. [Pathetic Health]. 5 CD.

Weapon 2

Weapon Name: Evangelion.
Weapon Description: Clawed hands and feet.

1. Attack Name: Voltaic strike
Type: Cqc
Element: Elec
Description: A single vertical or orizontal oriented claw slash.
Damage: Low, inflicts paralysis. (3 turns CD)

2. Attack Name: Cross cut
Type: Cqc
Element: Shadow
Description: two 45 degree angle slices. Usable multiple times per turn.
Damage: Moderate

3. Attack Name: Zenith Slash
Type: CQC
Element: Shadow
Description: A high powered, clawed roudhouse kick able to bypass defences.
Damage: Modest. Pierces. 3-CD.

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