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Where's the Rock? [Virus Busting]
Topic Started: Jun 27 2017, 12:50 AM (275 Views)
OoC: Requesting someone to do the viruses.

"Wooo!!" Geo rocked out as his favorite band on stage played their best hits, throwing his fist up in the air as the darkly dressed teens around him did the same! Even his Wizard, Void, was getting into the music! "This music... it speak volumes to me!" Geo couldn't help but suppress a snicker as he rocked out, watching his snake-like partner in crime wriggling around as if he were being charmed by a snake charmer. "As long as you're having fun too, bud."

The night seemed to be endless for the wave of emotional teens as the stage seemed to shift and change, becoming dark creatures of the night that circled around the band for special effect! The whole crowd was loving it! But the same couldn't be said... for the musicians. Geo was the first one to notice the desperate looks on their faces as the stage practically tossed them around during an intense bit, "Void, look! That's not normal... they're gonna get hurt!" Void, being lost in the music, didn't even pay attention to what Geo was talking about, "What? You're kidding. They'll be fine! These types of humans do crazy stunts like this all the time, right?" Geo clenched his jaw in annoyance, pointing his Hunter at the Wizard before exclaiming, "Wizard, Off. We're going to get to the bottom of this. It's gotta be viruses."

Rushing off to a secluded area with an angry snake in his pants, Geo quickly pulled his Hunter VG from his pocket and attached it to his wrist, "Come on, Void. Transcode, Voidman!"

"Hmph. Fine, but you owe me."

The two swiftly fused into one being, starting off in their disguised form as they beamed up to the wave road above the concert. Looking around diligently for whatever virus might be causing the glitch in the stage, Voidman kept his buster primed and ready.
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Jet Yǔzhu

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Even if the musicians on stage weren't having fun, the viruses around were having a blast.

Two puffy little viruses, AirSquiggles, would sit at the edges of the stage, generate whirlwinds and and let them loose over the stage, sending the musicians flying all over the place as the tornadoes connected with them, before the Squiggly on the other side would prepare another tornado that would send them in another, back towards the other Squiggly. It was like a very intense game of Pong - for keeps.

Sitting between the two players, a GrassPollen virus sat outside of the arena, seemingly acting as something of a scorekeeper between the two, as well as a referee. He sat passively watching the two and with his back to Voidman, and while he would act like he was making sure no cheating was going on, he was definitely paid off to side with the Squiggly on the right, occasionally setting up Grass Panels stealthily in order to give its whirlwinds extra power. The result was one side's tornadoes sending the musician's way farther than the other, much to the losing side's chagrin.

The Nutty virus noticed as well, of course, but refrained from commenting, instead deciding to watch and see how the game played out. That being said, the Nutty virus was the one who instantly took notice of the arriving Wave Warrior. He would pop underground and resurface near Voidman's feet, holding a hand forward in a gesture that seemed to ask if he had any bets on the winner, clearly unaware of the impending slaughter.

All of the viruses were either completely unaware that Voidman had appeared or were too invested in the game to care. If he struck now, he would likely find that he would have a huge advantage by catching everyone off guard.
Virus Info.
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Voidman watched with narrowed eyes as he spotted the cause of the band's problems: A band of nasty viruses who had decided to play games with the Real Wave system, causing the poor men and women to go flying across the stage, back and forth! It was a horrid sight to behold...and yet, Geo couldn't help but chuckle a bit at it all. Despite the clear danger that those people were in, their expressions were hilarious! "Eheheh...hah! Hahahah!"

"Geo! Pay attention! These are viruses, not entertainers!"

"Ahahaha...maybe not, but they would make some pretty good ones!" The Wave Warrior wiped a tear from his eye, before finally taking notice of the Nutty virus that had popped up on the Wave Road with him, his gaze settling on the furry little virus. They seemed to think that he was in it just to watch! A small smile appeared on his face, before a mask slid up to cover it, and a red visor appeared over his eyes, "Yeah. Ten thousand zenny on the dashing Wave Warrior with the deadly blade." One swift slash of his weapon was all that it took to get the message across as Voidman unsheathed his obsidian black blade in an instant, before leaping from the Wave Road in a backflip!

Using the surprise factor that he'd maintained even with that quick attack, Voidman attempted to land on Venusaur the GrassPollen virus, his sword aimed downward in an attempt to full force impale the unsuspecting virus! "Boo." Pulling a hand away from his sword, Voidman's left hand became that of the deadly VoidBuster, firing a rapid barrage of inky black bullets towards the Squiggly on the right, the one who had been getting a bit of an unfair help thus far, "I never did like those that got unsportsmanlike advantages in games." Hopefully, with that quick shot, the previously winning Squiggly would find his sight becoming clouded by shadows.



Custom: 0/10

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Jet Yǔzhu

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The little squirrel virus' eyes shot up, large and beady, as the sword came swinging its way. Just as quickly as it had appeared to ask for the man's wager, it had disappeared, descending back into the hole in the wave road - which, thankfully, closed up behind it.

By the time the Wave Warrior had back flipped off of the Wave Road, the little squirrel was safely tucked away inside of its little tree home, off to the front edge of the stage. The pollen virus, noticing the strange sound of something falling through the air, looked up just in time to see the sword, just before it stabbed right in between its glowing green eyes. The poor thing was rooted down, and couldn't even move.

The Virus instantly went up into a plume of smoke around VoidMan, and the other viruses all but scattered. One Squiggle warped up to the Wave Road VoidMan had just jumped off of, and the other moved its way into the crowd. VoidMan was now the proud holder of the title official buzzkill, as, with the situation obviously not on track, and what appeared to be an explosion on stage, the entire crowd began to panic and run, screaming and yelling. For all of the very obvious bad, it was at least funny, for the Squiggle in the crowd, to puff some air at the passerby.

In the rushed evacuation, it was down to just the floating puffs of air, a tree stump, and the man with the sword. When the winning Squiggle moved to the top of the stage, to escape the wrath of the sword flinging maniac, it also, rather thankfully, avoided impending death by shadow ball.

The two squiggles glanced at each other, and passed an understanding nod. Whipping up a small tornado, the each of them tossed it, both aiming directly for the warrior, looking to keep on with their game of ping pong.

Meanwhile, the squirrel stayed in its home. It would not be continuing its business as a bet collector, as the guy with the sword had been very convincing.

Virus Info.
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Voidman stood up slowly as the explosion rocked the air around him, sending the poor musicians flying off of the stage! The intensity of the virus' death caused his form to flicker slightly, making the frame of his body show up in the resulting cloud of smoke. The crowd was greeted with the outline of an intimidating-looking Wave Warrior, his red visor glowing in the middle of the dark cloud before he vanished once more. Somewhere in his head, Void-0's voice popped up, "Is it fine that they saw you? Even if it was just a glimpse..." Voidman shrugged, keeping his eyes trained on the viruses floating in the air, "Hmph. You know I don't care about recognition. As long as these viruses are gone, who cares?"

Voidman watched as two tornados neared him, growling slightly, "You're not using me as your replacement ball!" The first tornado was extremely quick, coming from the virus at the top of the stage, but Jet was quick to think of an escape plan. As the first tornado struck him, he allowed the currents of wind to pull him into the air, before activating his boosters midair for a short burst, sending him sprawling onto the stage with a grunt. He quickly pulled himself up onto his hands and knees and rolled away from the second, slower moving tornado, standing up immediately.

Noticing the positioning of the two puffball viruses, Voidman quickly reached to his side and pulled out a Battle Card, spinning it between his fingers, "This concert is all whack because of you freaks. Time to heat things up again!" A slot on his Hunter-VG opened up, and the Wave Warrior slammed it inside, making his left arm vibrate as data was forced inside the buster! It shifted from a slick silver hull into a bulky red one, a large cannon muzzle extending out from the front as his buster became a bazooka! A wide grin extended across Jet's face under the mask as he pointed it towards each of the viruses, starting with the air squiggles. One of them was behind him on the top of the stage, while the other had escaped to the crowd area. Each of them were in the air, so he would have to be accurate with his shots.

From where he was pointing, Voidman seemed to be aiming at the one in the crowd first, "FIRE!!" After faking his attack, Voidman quickly spun around, took aim, and fired at the stump that the squirrel who had evaded his initial attack had taken to hiding. A massive round, fired at the ground at a stationary target. Sandy Cheeks' home would be ruined as the shot caused a massive line of fire to erupt from the floor!

With that taken care of, Voidman shifted his newly made bazooka onto his shoulder while his remaining hand pixelated and transformed into his signature Voidbuster, taking aim at the air squiggle on the stage before firing a shadowy shot, then turning it to the remaining one, peppering it with the Darkflash! Each attack was aimed precisely after the initial bomb.



Custom: 1/10

-- [Stealth Laser] -- [Fokx-Fu] -- [Invis] -- [Fire Bazooka] -- [Heat Upper] -- [Spade Magnes] --
Edited by Jet, Aug 17 2017, 04:16 PM.
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