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An electrifying recruit! [Class-change]
Topic Started: Aug 19 2017, 08:04 PM (130 Views)
The cat warrior shyly fiddled around in the waiting room. Man did he really have to go through all that to join? Why the hell did they need a background check of all things? He fought so hard to keep it al a secret and these guys knew it all. Well...he did want to take Mehk's offer up. And he also had extensively proved time and time again that he was trusworthy. First he beat up a red bull, then he faced a smug guy thinking he was all mighty and powerful.

He felt...exposed. Nude even. He couldn't hide anything anymore. And that was making him into a scaredy cat. A beeping sound echoed in the hall and the door unlocked. Nightshade would slowly get inside the room, making sure his paws wouldn't making tip tap sounds as usual. He would silently approach the center, where something had been left out for him on a table. A full assortment of trinkets of various shapes. His beloved widgets. He had spent so much time learning how to properly create both hardware and software. These ones though were brand new. And Satella branded. He had submitted all his blueprint.

He was asked to demonstrate the use of a few of them. The Sonar, The Real Wave Replicator, The Em Buster...he could see the few engineers nodding off at awhat he explained, seeming ly intersted in those small pieces of metal.

Soon after he placed the last one down, he was kindly invited into the training grounds. There he would partake in various tests. Speed, agility, durability, combat. He tried his hand at everything, trying his hardest to get the best results possible.

At the end of a full day of fightin and runnin he was so exhausted he was having trouble keeping his wave form intact. He was left alone in the same room of hours before,completely alone with nothing to do but wait. Wait and hope he had been good enough for them. An eternity later,the door to the room beeped open, and a familiar figure stepped in.

The cat warrior immediately hopped up and scurried over to the guy. Just a few words, and then Nightshade asked the fatidic question. Did he pass?

The man chuckled lightly. He would rustle around before pulling out something shiny and offering it to the young wave warrior in front of him. The little black cat would stare at the badge for a while, not even blinking. He was snapped back to reality by the officer calling for him to take it. He did so, making very careful movements to not drop or scratch it.

Nightshade couldn't help but smile.

He made it. He had been accepted. Finally, his dream of helping others had become a reality. He would give it his all to make sure he would be the very best...

...to serve, and protect.
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