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What a Mess We Made; The buildings are, among others, easier to replace.
Topic Started: Aug 23 2017, 04:39 PM (121 Views)
The aftermath of the Taurus Crisis harrowed Thomson to no end, leaving him sleepless and scarred. The exposure and the realization that he couldn't keep his identity secret was only the beginning of his worries. Cyberbullies had taken to his inbox, flooding him with hate about how he could have done better, and sought to not destroy half a city block. What was he supposed to do? What was Thomson supposed to find? A clearing and lead him out? Every day since the fight, he'd come back to that same spot where people had been rebuilding. Helping where he could, and simply... staring where he couldn't.

"Thom, do not blame yourself for-"
"Frank, stop. I... I know what I did, and I gotta face it. I'm not a kid anymore. This is the next step in life, and I wasn't prepared for it."

The two stood idly by, watching the professionals rebuild the foundations of one of those annihilated structures. Steeling himself, and resisting the urge to break into tears, the young man simply took off his glasses, and wiped them off with his spare, silky rag, and put them back on, biting back tears. It hurt, knowing that he'd done this. It hurt Thomson to no end, knowing that he'd hurt these people, and ruined their way of life, if not permanently, at least temporarily. The same answer kept coming back to him, time and time again, with each passing, horrific look to the scenes, or his desperate, solemn pleas for guidance.

He had to grow up.

"I reached out to one of the two who had been there during the crisis. I told him your current disposition, no specifics, and requested we meet here."
"...Alright. Thanks, Frank."
"All in a day's work, my friend."
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Yes. Phreezey-pop. It's a joke.

Thomson and Frank

Kevin McHarren
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A small figure landed at the center of the plaza. His distinctively feline shape gave away his identity. This time though,he was slightly different. A satella emblem was etched in his shoulder pads. He seemed a little more muscular too, but still retained his lean shape.

Nightshade's claws sent off faint tip taps as he approached the other guy,carfully jumping over all the builders working to repair the mess they created a while ago.

The cat warrior would stop in front of Thom, noticing his sadness. He shyly shuffled around, his tail waving gently left and right.

"...hey there...I...recieved a message from you."
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The guy who always asks questions.


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Thom's sunken eyes were arisen as he saw the feline move before him, and in such a way to not draw too much attention, too. It was him, wasn't it? The young man's pulse quickened, and his face grew pale. Frank was reassuring to simply nod to the young man, and back to Nightshade.

"My uh... partner here wanted me to form a brother band with you, he figured it was about time I quit being afraid of the world. Maybe with a buddy, it'd be a bit less, y'know, scary."

With that, Thom flipped his Hunter VG open, and presented a request to Nightshade, the information to the other male in clear view. Due to the feline warrior's history, he might notice the once-competitor's symbol, ANSTech, still lingering in the bottom of the screen.

PENDING REQUEST: Thomson Aldwyn Garritts
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Yes. Phreezey-pop. It's a joke.

Thomson and Frank

Kevin McHarren
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The cat warrior tilted his head to the side, as if thinking about something. He would remain silent for now, silently hearing what Thom had to say. On his visor a notice icon popped up as soon as he sent the request. With a small swipe of his hand he pulled up a Personalized HoloHUD, something you don't see every day.

He would tap on it a few times and accept, looking up. By now Thom would have recognized the distinctinctive layout of Nebula System Dynamics, one of the bigget if not the biggest Private Security Agency of the country. Nightshade let his hand fall down and looked away at the street behind the other man, his deep sapphires out of focus.

He had heard that ANS- Tech had recently declared bankruptcy, and the primary cause may or may not have been NSD's own tech division. Due to the improvement that billions of zenny in funding could provide, the Agency had slowly wittled down and "killed" many competitors. While it was nothing but business running its course, Nightshade felt grief overcome his body.

He...He could have caused the guy in front of him so much hardship and loneliness. He really didn't know what to say.

The cat warrior turned his gaze back at the other guy. Then, slowly he reached up and pulled on his helmet, taking it off. A flurry of spiky and messy jetblack hair poofed out. He held the helmet to the side, before settling on the floor, and with his left he scratched the bridge of his nose, unsure. Then, the warrior's hand pulled down.

And the mask covering his face was removed.

Shane silently jumped forward. It was amazing how his steps could be stealthily silent if he wished them to be so. His paws seemed to not even be touching the ground. The half-cat closed in the few meters between the two. He would very slowly wrap his hands around the other's shoulders, gently pulling him towards his chest. The little cat didn't hug for long, but it was hearfelt.

"The world is a rotten place. Yet we can strive to make it better. Together. You're not alone."

REQUEST ACCEPTED: Shane 'Dante' Kahnnigan
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The guy who always asks questions.


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