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Kyle 'Shark' Shast
Topic Started: Sep 3 2017, 07:32 PM (197 Views)
Name: Kyle Shast
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Description: Kyle is 6'3" tall, black hair and greyish blue eyes. Muscular and well fit, he is often seen weaing military apparel.
Personality: Cold and Silent most of the time, Kyle is an introvert type of person. Reflective and cunning, he shows great leadership skills. Loyal until the end, he will ensure his teammates's survival before the mission objective whenever possible. He is able to make sacrifices when required but most of the time non willingly,most of the time being more stubborn than mules. He absolutely despises mercenaries, abhorred by their lack of clear morality or affiliation.
Biography: Not much can be publicly said about Kyle. Most of the stuff is hidden and locked away in a classified folder. Born in Gigamerica and enrolled in the military at 18 he still serves to this day, nine years after. Before his time in the military, he conducted some studies in EM xenobiology, which granted him uncommon knowledge on the inner workings of wave conversion.

This lead to him and Blue archieving a level of conversion beyond normal warriors. Kyle's change happens on a genetical level. As a result, Shark has demonstrated a strength no other wave warrior had. However, that lead to another problem: Power at a price. Merging with ble that way would slowy degrade his body and make him dependent on Blue, while also developing a mild addiction to his wave form.

He has been deployed on continent due to the increased EM attacks that have ravaged the country in the last months. Unknown to all, he has been assigned a secret mission: Seek out and Neutralize any and all FMians not officially registered or the ones posing a threat to humanity, no question asked. He has rented a small houze in Shisha Island,keeping himself near to the maritime weather Blue and his alter ego require to stat at peak performance all the time. He hasn't got any contact with GSP or any other security agency as of yet.

EM Being
Name: Blue
Gender: Male
Description: A greish blue Shark like FMian with white armor reminiscent of the Pisces Constellation. Simple as that.
Personality: Blue is the the typical FMian. Mischievous, overconfident and a vicious fighter. He seeks power above any else and for him Kyle is just a body he can take over to gain a more powerful form or so he believes. Deep down he is loyal to his partner, even if he will never admit it.
Biography: Once again, a select few know of its origins, with all the details locked away in classified cabinets. Not even his real name is know, with Kyle just referring him as "Blue" due to the coloration of its energy. He had been captured during the first FMian invasion and later on eneded up with Kyle. Trying to take over the man's body to escape his containment, once he found out Kyle was compatible with him, he failed miserably. Kyle's imposing behavior would be impossible to bend to his will. He would decide to remain with Kyle mostly because fond of the amazing power surge a conversion brings.

Wave Conversion
Name: Shark
Element: Aqua
Sub Element: Dark
Gender: Male
Description: When Blue takes over Kyle's body, or rather...attempts to, the man is able to turn into a wave warrior codenamed "Shark"by the amazing immagination of the Army officials responsible for it. Visually, he looks like a hybrid between a human and a shark. On him a very advanced micro carbon-kevlar armor is adept at absorbing shocks and eventual hits sustained on the battlefield. Behavior wise, Shark blends in both his alter egos' behaviours into a cold fierce predator.


Strengths and Weaknesses:
Cunning, physically strong and agile.
Reckless, lower than average stamina, easily knocked away.

Weapon 1
Weapon Name: Rough Skin
Weapon Description: Like all sharks, Shark's skin is abrasive at the touch and a perfect deterrent to anyone trying to attack. Wearing a kevlar armor onto it also helps.

1. Attack Name: Ablative Armor
Type: Barrier
Element: Aqua
Description: 5CD
Health: Modest

2. Attack Name: Shark Skin
Type: Recovery
Element: Aqua
Description: 3CD

Weapon 2
Weapon Name: TAC-TIC4L
Weapon Description: All a Spec Ops agent will ever need to kill anything that moves

1. Attack Name: TIC4L .12Gauge
Type: Normal Gun (2 Hands)
Element: Aqua.
Description: Kyle's bullpup semiautomatic shotgun. While in his conversion, Shark's power modifies it into an elemental weapon. Commonly used with Flechette Ammunition. Slow range, requires one action to "reload" every 3 shots
Damage: Moderate, Pierces. Usable thrice per turn.

2. Attack Name: TAC Bang
Type: Bomb (.5m)
Element: Dark
Description: A hand thrown grenade that explodes on contact. One action charge to "pull the pin"
Damage: High
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