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Mehk and Dynamo form Dynamo Kaiser
Topic Started: May 10 2018, 02:55 AM (36 Views)
Name: Mehk Susahu
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Description: Wearing generally close-clothing, he adorns himself in his Satella Police Officer Uniform; a white jacket with a blue undershirt, white pants, black gloves and boots. To complete the outfit, he has the signature orange Visualizer that the Satella are known for. His Hunter V-G is Satella-issued, being stark white with his badge designed at the top. His hair is jet black, goes to neck length, is straight and thick. His face is angular and pronounced, with a long, pointed nose and a thin chin. He has sea blue eyes. He would stand at an impressive 5' 8" ft, but, a childhood injury left his right left crippled, making him stand at 5' 2".
Personality: Calm and collective, Mehk is a dormant soul looking for knowledge. He is constantly studying, listening and learning. As of late, he has broken out of his introverted pattern and become more social. He is soft spoke and respectful, and prides himself of his intellect. One of his many passions is in learning, and passing on that knowledge to others.
Biography: Mehk grew up on Shisa Island, separated from his parents at a young age by an earthquake. Left to be cared for by a friend of the family, much of his time was spent in his studies - not to his chagrin, but, to his greatest passion. He secluded himself from the rest of the world, blaming himself for his loss of his parents, even though he had no real control over it.

Despite this, though, his overall outlook on life was rather optimistic. Mehk enjoyed the learning experiences, reveled in the history of the island, and gawked at the beauty of his small little world.

But then, everything changed. Although everything didn't change at once, one simple action started a chain reaction that completely changed his life. It started at the age of seven.
Throughout his normal day, he would get up, eat breakfast and go to the beach for a little while downtime. Then, he'd take his own initiative to go to the school, inside of the Shisa Castle, for his studies. Alone. Only, today, he would be studying with a few more people; tourists. He wasn't much of a socialist, and didn't mesh well with people, simply because of his abandonment issues. As soon as he entered the castle, he turned back around.

When he made his exit, others followed behind him. The confusion caused an accident that could never be reversed - he tumbled down each and every one of the large, marble-colored steps, his right leg twisting at an odd, horribly painful angle.

He spent the next week of his life in the hospital. His right leg wasn't the only thing injured, but, it was the only thing that couldn't be healed - he would be left a cripple for the rest of his life. His leg would heal enough to allow movement, but, it would never completely heal - too much strain or weight put onto the leg would cause it to collapse all over again.

Over the course of the next few years, more friends came and gone. Mehk was bound to Shisa Island, never having the resources or even the ability to travel anywhere without worry for his leg. His caretakers tried making life easier for him, integrating elevators and escalators to replace the stairs, and opened him up to more possibilities in his passion for learning. Overtime, he simply stopped getting attached to people, allowing himself to completely withdraw from the social world. The time would come when he didn't need his caretakers anymore, and, they had to move on - they had given up much of their lives to take great care of him, and, despite his despair, he wouldn't let them give up a second more for him. Mehk started his complete withdrawal from everything, even refusing to return to school.

He wasn't sure if he'd ever be ready to embrace the world again, try as he might. He didn't like what he'd allowed himself to devolve into, but, he couldn't stop it. He was finally coaxed out of his home, though. . .by a massive quake that rocked island.

His natural instincts were to stay inside, and away from the tremor. From what he could gather, he was more than a good ways away; he should be safe. Still, he couldn't stay. He hobbled out into the morning, and found his way over to the beach. He ended up investigating a crater in the sand, housing a metallic wizard that would change Mehk's life forever: Fahrok.

The two were unlikely comrades, but, only at first. Fahrok was preternaturally interested with humans, despite his distrust for them, and really sociable. Mehk had his own distrust for people, for different reasons, and, obviously, wasn't very sociable. The two found their common ground on their analytical and intelligible passions, which soon evolved into a true friendship. Fahrok would become Mehk's first Wizard, and the two would be forever bonded.

Fahrok's ability as a battle Wizard was first revealed on an attack on Mehk's life by Viruses, the little EM Monsters attacking the machines hooked up to him when the doctors tried one more failing go at his leg. Later, when Mehk expressed his want to discover the world beyond Shisa Island, Fahrok proffered his ability to EM Wave Change - something that would forever change Mehk's life, once again.

When Fahrok's sinister creator hunted him down and wrenched his closest friend from his grasp, Mehk almost totally withdrew again. This time, though, he had something to fight for; and he knew that he could get him back. When he found Fahrok again, he was different; Velcir had reversed what the Satella Police did to him, and irrevocably changed him back to Dynamo.

Since then, he has rejoined the Satella Police force, and has become an active part of the community again, coming out of his seclusion in preference to learning more about his new abilities, his new friend, and the world as a whole. His job with the GSP focuses on technological, historical and EM sciences, as well as in combat and EM Crime analysis. He had more than mastered his abilities as Dynamo King.

Before, though, Dynamo King was easier to control. When he learned that Dynamo's rage was starting to get out of hand, and started to influence even Mehk, he started his search on a way to help his friend. Meaning he tried to just let run its course, and, hopefully, it would stop being a problem. If this were a perfect world, perhaps. But, it wasn't.

Dynamo only got worse, to the point that Mehk no longer had control over their Wave Form. He put a criminal into the hospital before he put him behind bars, continued fighting long after the fight should've been over, and almost unleashed his fury onto the civilians. After this last straw, he visited Dr. Otoko from WAXA for a solution. It came in the form of a program that would control Dynamo's rage, greatly changing their Wave Form, by putting it to work rather than simply letting it build up.

After the addition of his new program, an accident at WAXA left his already crippled leg in a worst state than normal. He was forced to turn in his Resignation to the GSP, and had no choice but to go back to simply being a connections manager for the GSP in Shisa Island.

Within a few weeks, he had gotten progress in his new job, and learned to enjoy doing this menial but important task for the force. Dynamo wasn't forced to be a stationary body, and was able to go off on many missions with others. This change was tough on Mehk, as he had grown a liking to the excitement being a GSP Officer granted - Dynamo still being able to go off and do things took a little bit of the guilt off of him, but, it didn't make things any easier on his part. His house had to be completely remodeled - again - to accommodate for his now severely-crippled leg, with the introduction of quite a few helper Wizards to get him through his day-to-day tasks with minimal exertion on his part.

In recent events, Dynamo was required to relocated to Loch Mess, in order to help reestablish GSP jurisdiction in the area. Mehk is being relocated, too (thankfully), to help with the management of the soon-to-be new connections. Dr. Otoko was a part of the transport team, and he helped give Mehk the run down of Dynamo's newest design change - a change that, to Mehk's greatest glee, would allow them to safely Wave Change, again.

In the past year and a half of Mehk's life, he has continued to work and accomplish as much as he can in the name of the Satella Police and good, and has risen the ranks within the organization, now acting as a Commando. An incredibly successful officer, and even detective and investigator, Mehk has taken on roles as menial as Statistical Management and as exciting as Field Agent in the past year.

EM Being:
Name: Dynamo
Gender: Male
Description: Dynamo is, in all comparisons, the same size as Mehk, although he is a floating mass of EM waves over an actual human. The EM Waves holding his body together are a fiery red color, while the armor around him is the same.

Dynamo's design is. . .different. His head is somewhat like that of a Rhino's, being angled upward and somewhat elongated, while a large, ivory thorn erects from his skull. His eyes are deep-set and a foreboding dark red, while his mouth is visible just under his long snout.

His EM-Waves are coated in heavy, red metal armor, which surrounds his torso, hands and parts of his snout. When compared to his past appearance, his armor is now noticeably bulkier, with angles and etchings that could deflect bullets.

Rather than one arm being noticeably larger than the other, both of his fists are severely over sized. These over sized arms are both boasting a rectangular tower shield, bearing Dynamo's colors: A red metal plating with black design lines. The opposing edge of the shields each bear one half of the GSP's crest, the shields themselves being more than large enough to cover Dynamo's entire body when placed together. The orange ridges on the opposing edges of each shield look to be for this express purpose: melding the two shields into one.

Personality: Like his owner, he is soft spoken and calculating; although he is also cold and righteous. He doesn't believe in abuse of power over weaker beings; rather, all beings are in equality. . .when it comes to right of existence, that is.

Although his personality still stands as a whole, it has also changed to be much more pronounced in his Dynamo form. He is a wizard of the law, and, while chaotic on the battlefield, prefers a sense of order. He is quick to act to bring down those which he has a quarrel with. He will do anything in his power to take action on those who deserve it, but only within the law.
Biography: Created by a Human Device, his EM Wave Changing Function is highly battle and knowledge incorporated. The Product of Project SHYGUY, a Satella Police attempt to transform contraband data into productive EM Wizards, his Electromagnetic Brother - Misha - and he were close to the very beginning of their creation. However, due to a sudden loss of interest in the project, Fahrok was the only one outfitted with his own persona and knowledge function, while Misha was forced to create his own. The program eventually completely died out, leaving Fahrok and Misha to their own machinations. Tired of being ignored, he went with his brother and escaped, but a terrible accident - one which he himself cannot remember - separated the two. He found himself on Shisa Island upon awakening. Not long before hand, he had been strapped to a table and was being programmed. Now, he was in a crater on the beach. . .to be found by Mehk. He guarded him, protected him, and befriended him. And in return, Fahrok offered a new chance to life. . .an EM life.

. . .or, at least, that was the story he used to know.

Now, he knows better. He was originally created by Velcir Van Dyke, as a means of a battle wizard that could accompany Velcir into battle. He was created with a lawful personality chip, so that he wouldn't do something that would get him arrested, but also with a sense of vengeance. However, before he was complete, his original creator's lab was attacked by the GSP, in which he was taken from the rubble with his Brother. The Satella Police took up his creation, changing his data plan and making him something totally different.

Now, Velcir had taken him back and recreated him; completing him, in essence.

For a while, his completed form was like any basic Wave Being; with his own strengths and weaknesses. Although he was definitely above par in the Strength and Durability department, he wasn't too keen in speed or weight. This was a given for a Wave Form of his size; it was almost expected. With the most recent attempt to upgrade his servos, though, something kick-started in him. It was something that he always had, but, wasn't as prevalent: the Omega Program.

Dynamo responds to rage in a way unlike any other being known. Whereas someone might be blinded by their anger and charge in doing something reckless, Dynamo is already by nature reckless and without reason. His anger does not dampen his already lacking reasoning nor his intelligence; rather, he finds encouragement from it. His rage pushes him forward much like someone else would be pushed forward by determination or stubbornness; unlike those, though, where someone cannot think of failing, Dynamo knows he is fully capable of failing - and his anger pushes him to get better.

He is built to get angry, and to benefit from it in ways no one else can, because it does not bother his ability to think or make decisions. The Omega Program pushes him to try and get rid of this anger, whereas his very purpose is to accumulate rage in order to get better - making an endless cycle where he tries to sate a rage that he never can.

Until now. With the Rage Equalizer, Dynamo was outfitted with a program that regulates his Rage and what it is put to work doing, that way he has a feasible way of sating it.

After Mehk's little accident, the majority of Dynamo's time was spent with others. He was the one with the easier end of the deal, still being able to go out and fight while Mehk stayed home. Still, he spent more than ample amounts of time with Mehk, doing things with his Data-Analyst programming rather than combat, and acting as his protector. Now, with his new upgrades, the two can finally get out and about, again. He's really looking forward to smashing some new skul-er, being with Mehk, again.

Wave Conversion
Name: Dynamo Kaiser
Element: Light
Sub Element: Light
Gender: Male
Description: His eyes are coated in his Data Analyzer. This is a special type of Visualizer that he programmed into his data, and, with it, he can pull up any information he has ever learned from a foe. It transforms his eyes into a deep red color.

From the waist up, Dynamo Kaiser is a lot like other Wave Warriors. He boasts broad shoulders, a bulky chest, and an impressive height of 6'11". The brute has red, bulky, heavy and angled armor on his chest, angling down in three tiers, the tier starting at his breast the largest and bulkiest, and the tier at his stomach the smallest and thinnest. His thick armor has purposeful indentations in it, with intricately carved black and gold lines running through his heavy armor, an orange diamond carved into the point of his uppermost tier.

His head in this Wave form is unchanged: It's his rhino-inspired head piece, with an elongated snout, a black-plated maw, red face, and iridescent red, ivory-horn sprouting from the end of his snout.

Between his shoulders and his forearm is a simple black material that covers his bulky arms. Each forearm is now equipped with the Dynamo Gauntlet, an overtly large gauntlet with black growths on the knuckles, a complete set of five boosters surrounding the back end of the gauntlets and two exhaust vents on either side.

His addition to height, bulk and a second Dynamo Gauntlet are hardly anything compared to the rest of his changes, though. Attached to each gauntlet's upper-facing plate is a large, rectangular, kind of curved tower shield, more than large enough to cover Dynamo Kaiser's upper body when pressed together. The large shields are made of a deep, inlaid red metal, set into an orange frame. Black lines etch intricate lines throughout the shield, the design of the shield reminiscent of a sturdy stone wall made of interlocking blocks, the two shields merging together at their opposing edges to complete the design.

And, then, there is his lower body. The large mass of his lower body, once a pair of monstrous legs, is now replaced by a circular base. Fashioned after the stone make-up of his shields, his lower body is nothing more than a base to the tower, bearing the GSP's crest like the crest of some kingdom from Medieval times, with crossed rhino horns replacing the crossed blades. Indentations at intervals around the base indicates that parts of it can either fold away or jut outwards, which is exactly what they can do - either into a set of joints that allow him walk across the ground, or a set of boosters that allow him to launch into the air.

Dynamo Kaiser's lower body is much wider than his upper, so, his upper body rests in the center of this base. Albeit this change, his upper body is still extremely bulky, and he is an exceptionally large Wave Warrior - a meter and a half in diameter in his upper body and a full three meters in diameter with his lower body counted. Their upper body is capable of complete rotation and freedom of movement atop his base, allowing him to shift forward or backwards or even rotate 360 degrees atop his base without ever actually moving. His large tower shields connect and rest on top of the base, making him a true mechanism of defense.

- Stone Body: Dynamo Kaiser is extremely durable, capable of withstanding more damage than the average warrior before his battling starts to be affected.
- Mental Link: Dynamo and Mehk's waved form intimately links the two together, allowing them to mix their analytical and tactical expertise.
- Balanced Base: Dynamo Kaiser's form is more stable than most Wave Warriors, making it harder to push him down or knock him away.
- Encouraging Anger: Dynamo Kaiser cannot be blinded by rage, and, instead, is encouraged by his anger to push his limits.

- Heavy Body: Dynamo Kaiser is heavier than normal Wave Warriors, and, as a result, cannot easily jump about.
- Mental Handshake: The same mental link that funnels their minds together also forces the pair to be in complete unison with each and every decision. The conflicts of interest between analytical Mehk and combatant Dynamo often results in the Wave Form being halted as they work out their plans.
- Base: Dynamo Kaiser lacks legs, and thus moves around only by the small appendages produced from the bottom of the base. He is slower than the Average wave warrior.
- Vermillion Rage: While his cognitive function is no longer hindered by his rage, Dynamo Kaiser still suffers from an incredibly volatile destructive nature. Dynamo never seems to make any incredibly rash decisions, but, his tendency to destroy and lose track of his effect on his environment seems to increase with his otherwise unhindering anger.

Version: Ω
Perks Selected:
- -Pathetic Incoming Damage, selected twice. -2%.
- -.5 Damage Levels from all incoming attacks, selected four times. -2.
- +1 Damage Level Base to Defensive/Supportive Baseline.
- +1 Damage Level to all attacks of user's Main Element.
- -1 Damage Levels from all incoming attacks.
Health: 100%
Action Slots: 3
Unstated Attack Damage: Pitiful
Weapon Baseline Changes: +2 Damage Level Base to Defensive/Supportive Baseline.
Bonus Damage Levels: +1 to Light Element Attacks.
Bonus Outgoing Damage: 0
Decreased Incoming Damage: -Modest.
Decrease Damage Levels from Incoming Damage: -3 Damage Levels.
Weapon Slots: 3
Attacks per Weapon: 3
Natural Regen: 0

Weapon 1
Weapon Name: Dynamo Shields
Weapon Description: Perhaps his now most noticeable piece are his dual tower shields. One for each gauntlet, the large shields are made of a deep, inlaid red metal, set into an orange frame. The design of the shield is reminiscent of a sturdy stone wall made of interlocking blocks, the two shields merging together at their opposing edges and locking in place. They are just as effective in combat as they are in defending.

1. Attack Name: Dual-Shield
Type: Shield
Element: Light
Description: Dynamo Kaiser carries two shields, which can either be held as a pair or as a whole. When held as a pair, the shields have two separate amounts of health. When held together, the shields have combined health.
Damage: Dynamo Kaiser can shift between two states of this shield: Single or Duo. As a Single Shield, the Shield has 20% Health. As the Duo Shields, the Shields each have 10% Health. Dynamo can switch between the two forms once every three turns, combining or dividing overall shield health as appropriate to switch. 5-CD. While active, in either form, Dynamo Kaiser suffers from a Tier 4 Speed Decrease.
At the start of each turn, Dynamo can convert Rage into Reflector Health at a rate of 5 to 1, converting 5% of Rage into 1% of Reflector Health.

2. Attack Name: Place Shields
Type: Obstacle
Element: Light
Description: Dynamo Kaiser throws his shields to anywhere within five meters of his current location, planting them in the ground as an obstacle. Their durability depends on the current strength of the Dual Shields. Without his Shields, Dynamo Kaiser loses a considerable amount of weight, and, thus, loses some power.
Damage: Immense Health Obstacle. If Dual Shields' current total Health % is lower than 20%, this Obstacle is spawned with an amount of Health equal to Dual Shields' current Health. Dynamo Kaiser's attacks lose 1 Damage Level while active. 8-CD.

3. Attack Name: Shield Bash
Type: CQC
Element: Light
Description: Dynamo delivers powerful bashes with his shields, dealing considerable damage. Adept at throwing around their weight, he can use this attack in quick succession.
Damage: Moderate Damage. Usable multiple times a turn.
Weapon 2
Weapon Name: Dynamo Gauntlet
Weapon Description: No longer a single, impressively large gauntlet, the Dynamo Gauntlet is now a fixture on both hands - and still packs an extreme destructive force behind it. Now outfitted for more long-range capabilities, fitting with his new design as a tower.

1. Attack Name: Tower Strike
Type: Normal Gun
Element: Light
Description: Dynamo Kaiser fires the Dynamo Gauntlet like a tower would fire a siege Weapon, and it hits just as hard.
Damage: Low Damage, 2 Meter Diameter Projectile. High kickback, limb use difficulty. Can be used a second time each turn, but, requires a 2-CD. Breaks.

2. Attack Name: Spring Grapple
Type: Indestructible Chained Weapon
Element: Light
Description: The spring-loaded system that used to function for any number of high-powered strikes can now be used for a tad more utility. Firing off the Dynamo Gauntlet, still attached to its spring, the behemoth can latch onto surfaces and drag himself towards them; be they objects or people. While the springs are only three meters in length, this attack can be used twice per turn.
Damage: Moderate, 3 Meter Chain that can be used Twice per turn.

3. Attack Name: Artillery Strike
Type: Bomb
Element: Light
Description: His signature move, Dynamo Fist, now weaponized into a volatile, explosive siege weapon. Dynamo Kaiser primes the gauntlet by setting it back on its spring-loader, and then charges the boosters up before firing the fist like a rocket.
Damage: Modest Damage, 2 meter diameter explosion. Homing. 1-Action Charge. 3-CD.
Weapon 3
Weapon Name: Dynamo Base
Weapon Description: Dynamo's tower-like base, which is truly what makes him the citadel of defense that he is.

1. Attack Name: Ultimate Defense
Type: Passive
Element: Light
Description: Dynamo's defenses are unmatched, and his shields are sturdier than any other. His defensive measures cannot be overcome.
Damage: Dynamo's Shields, Reflectors and Objects instead take a full Damage Level's worth of extra damage from attacks that Break, and are not instantly destroyed by them.

2. Attack Name: Fortify
Type: Recovery
Element: Light
Description: Dynamo fortifies his defenses, reestablishing his structure and gaining stability from simple patience.
Damage: Modest Health Recovery to self or Defense, 3-CD.

3. Attack Name: Refraction Base
Type: Reflector
Element: Light
Description: Dynamo's Base is solid and conductive, made of a substance that absorbs kinetic energy and lashes back out at foes when at its peak.
Damage: Great Health reflector, reflects Low Damage at foes. 8-CD. Inflicts a Tier 4 Speed Decrease while in use.
At the start of each turn, Dynamo can convert Rage into Reflector Health at a rate of 5 to 1, converting 5% of Rage into 1% of Reflector Health.

Big Bang Weapon
BBW Name: Kaiser Shield
Type: Multi-Use BBW
Description: In his time of desperation, Dynamo Kaiser slams his shields together - permanently. The ridged edges that define them as separate sear together, and the shield grows to a gargantuan size, capable of protecting Dynamo Kaiser's entire being by itself. This gigantic shield offers the ultimate defense. It is unwieldy to use while attacking, though.
Damage: Incredible Health Shield, 5-CD. Tier 4 Speed Decrease while active; Dynamo sacrifices a card each turn the Shield is active.
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