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Bird Brain [Event/Night/Gaia]
Topic Started: Jun 16 2018, 01:57 AM (141 Views)
AMAKEN, for all of its technological discoveries and actually discovering the AMian and FMian races, wasn't really a powerhouse of EM Weapons. Instead, that honor went to the Satella Police. They were startling unprepared to deal with an alien attack, and that would be discovered when - surprise! - an alien attacked.

It had been a pretty typical day - in fact, the only thing out of the ordinary was when they discovered a fluctuation of Zet Waves, but they could chalk that up to some EM Being strolling around, which wasn't really unheard of. The black hole generator was also down for the count for reasons that hadn't been determined, which really didn't inspire as much as panic as a fucking black hole generator glitching out for unknown reasons should cause.

All in all, a pretty normal day until a certain EM being began messing around.

The good news was that the black hole generator was functioning again. The bad news was that it was running completely haywire with power and size way beyond what it should typically be able to utilize. Fortunately, there was no one in the room to be hit by the sudden expansion as it suddenly whipped out in size, causing intense damage to the room. It didn't grow much larger due to giving off energy due to Hawking Radiation faster than it absorbed matter on Earth, but having a black hole chilling around typically isn't a good thing.

On a Wave Road above the destruction, Cyngus Wing would give a cold smirk. Of course, the black hole was just a little bit of chaos to take advantage of their poorly protected systems. No one was hurt, yet, but it was only a matter of time before someone came to stop him...

Warning to anyone at or going to AMAKEN - the Black Hole Generator has begun to glitch and caused the black hole to grow. Do not enter AMAKEN. Early analysis presents the possibility that a rogue Wizard or Wave Warrior could have tampered with it.
Battle Guidelines
You'll be fighting Cygnus Wing above the black hole in AMAKEN. Its force isn't strong enough to drag you in, given other Wave Warriors have historically been able to move through black holes with impunity, but falling in or getting knocked in will result in a High damage penalty every turn that you're inside of its radius. This also applies to Cygnus Wing, so fight smart!
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"Well well...it's been a while since we were together in the same body, eh?"
"Yup. You're definitely excided to Wave change again eh?"

"Rightfully so. I've been itching to play around since I came out of training." A wave warrior tip tapped his way on the road above the looming black hole and eyed the perpetrator. "Oh? Well this looks really bad. It's a miracle the tidal forces aren't tearing the planet to shreds. You're sooooo under arrest for this." The warrior casually blabbed, his claws scratching at the ground he was standing onto as he leaned over to get a better look down at the reality warping Black Hole.

"Right. I sense another fellow FMian here eh? My lord you must be miserable in real life if you let a FMian take over your body." The warrior taunted, even though the human was probably already brainwashed. "Who's even dumb to take over a no-life idiot anyway?" The warrior threw in a jab at the actual EM being.

"Hey! You ain't in control as well! No one controls us! technically I can control you too." A gruff voice pouted in his mind. "Yes. Yes. But there's a difference here. Unlike that guy up there you actually have manners, pride and proper etiquette. Allowing you to take over wouldn't cause a black hole to spawn under our paws. Let me play my cards right. Remember: Anger makes you stupid...besides, isn't what we do more of a shared thing?"

Umbra's gruff and annoyed tone disappeared. "Yes, we kinda merge personalities a lil bit. In the end working together works better. But you're right. I wouldn't just start up doomsday machines like this. I'd just challenge the thing at the source. I can take out anyone anyway."

The warrior looked up. "Well? Are you gonna stay there silent? Who are you? We are Nightshade, SPD. Remember our name when we're done kicking your ass to jail."
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