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Character Template
Topic Started: Jan 10 2010, 11:04 PM (9,935 Views)
NOTE: All content for all fields goes outside of the bold or italicized tags. The only things that should be bold or italicized are the field names, not their descriptions.

[B]Biography:[/B][/quote][quote=EM Being][B]Name:[/B]
[B]Biography:[/B][/quote][quote=Wave Conversion][B]Name:[/B]
[b]Sub Element:[/b]
[B]Strengths and Weaknesses:[/B]
[quote=Strengths][b]Example Weakness[/b]
Example strength. [/quote][quote=Weaknesses][b]Example Weakness[/b]
Example weakness[/quote][quote=Weapon 1][b]Weapon Name:[/b]
[b]Weapon Description:[/b]

[i]1. Attack Name:[/i]

[i]2. Attack Name:[/i]
[i]Damage:[/i][/quote][quote=Weapon 2][b]Weapon Name:[/b]
[b]Weapon Description:[/b]

[i]1. Attack Name:[/i]

[i]2. Attack Name:[/i]

Here is the template that is to be used when creating a character. Everything is generally straight forward, except for the weapons which will be explained later. Here's a quick explanation of each aspect of the character template.

Name: Everyone needs a name. What's your character's?

Age: What is your age? You obviously aren't an infant...Are you?

Gender: Since "Sex" would create too many giggles, what's your gender?

Description: Everybody looks different. I certainly hope you're not a walking stick figure, although I wouldn't be surprised if some of you were. What does your character look like? What are the type of clothes he/she wears? Remember, the more detail you put into your description, the better people will fully understand your character. Pictures are allowed.

Personality: What does your character act like? What is his/her general mood? Not much is required here, but at least a few sentences would be preferred.

Biography: People grow up in different conditions, and some already have had things happen to them before coming into the world of SFRP. What is your character's back story? This can range from just getting out of high school, or having a traumatic life as a child. Please refrain from having your character involved with any of the characters in the Star Force games. Any biographies that relate too closely to Canon characters will be requested to change.

EM Being An EM being can be a FM-ian, AM-ian, UMA or Wizard. Being a Wizard doesn't mean you can't have an AM-ian or FM-ian. Wizards otherwise is a man-made EM being.

Name: I think you get the idea now.

Gender: Male. Female. It. Gender doesn't really matter too much with programs.

Description: You know what to do. The sky's the limit for this part, since its just a program. Try not to get TOO crazy with your ideas.

Personality: Yep. Easy, right?

Biography: Generally the same requirements as for the human. No involvement with any major characters, although the events that occur can be addressed. You can also choose to have either a Wizard, an AMian, an FMian, or even an UMA.

Wave Conversion

Note: To better understand what is a Wave Conversion, please read the contents of the Spoiler Tag below:

What is a Wave Warrior/Wave Conversion

Name: Megaman had one, so why can't you?

Main Element: What is your Main Element? There is a list of
elements that can be found here to decide which element is right for your character. There are certain abilities you can get for being a certain element, so be sure to check them out to help you decide.

Sub Element: What is your other, lesser element? Its much like the Main Element, except fewer attacks can harm you through that element's weakness. See Elemental Weaknesses for more information.

Gender: What gender? The Wave Warrior can be genderless, too.
Description: Do it to it.

Strengths and Weaknesses -IMPORTANT-

Weapon 1/2
Weapon Name: What is the name of your weapon?

Weapon Description: What does your weapon look like? You should only describe your weapon in this section. There is a separate section for attacks, so leave out any of the abilities that your weapon can do in this section.

1/2 Attack Name: What is the name of your attacks? You start out with 2 different attacks for each weapon, so keep that in mind.

Element: What kind of elemental damage does this attack deal? Like your Wave Form, your Attacks have both a Main Element and a Sub Element, although we compacted it down to just 'Element' for attacks and cards. The first element you list will be this attack's Main Element, while the second element will be its Sub. We would prefer you stick with either your Main Element or Sub Element for elemental damage, although exceptions are allowed depending on the weapon. Null is default, so if you don't list 2 elements, your Sub Element will automatically be Null.

Description: What does your attack do? These should be straightforward and consist of a single attack. You can almost do anything you want with attacks, although we ask you to not make it too crazy or confusing. We have a multi sided die roll here that you can use for attacks as well. This is by far the most difficult section, so don't be afraid to look at other profiles or ask for help.

Damage: How much damage does your attack deal. You can also put Status Effects here. Be sure to check out the damage scale found in this thread for what damages to give your attacks. As a rule of thumb, single hit ranged attacks tend to deal Moderate while close range attacks tend to deal Modest.

If you have any questions in regards to weapons, feel free to ask a staff member and they'll do their best to help you out.

Q: What are EM-waves?
A: EM-waves are short for Electro Magnetic Waves. They are what all waves come from: radio waves, color, UV rays, X-rays.
Q: What is an EM being?
A: An EM being is a being that is made of EM waves. They have different shapes. There is no standard shape for a EM-being.
Q: What is a wave-conversion?
A: A wave conversion is a transformation in which a EM-being and human merge together. They become a single EM entity.
Q: How strong can my weapons be?
A: The damages for weapons varies alot depending on the attack. Generally, close range attacks can deal Modest in total while projectiles can deal Moderate in total. Multiple attacks from a weapon generally mean it is collectively weaker than if it was just a single attack. For detailed information, please refer to the Weapon's Guide v5.
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