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Locked Topic
Chaos Saga: Final Act 1st Episode Prize Give-Away; Talking about long overdue stuff....
Topic Started: Oct 16 2011, 12:58 AM (742 Views)
Related to: Final Act of Chaos Saga Starts!
Final Plot: Chaos Saga Ends

Talking about long overdue stuff...

One of the biggest Plots in StarForce history, and yet no prizes! RAGE!!! ...But I do need to apologize. Army life screws you up. And whenever I'm out of camp, I feel like loosening up and play games, watch anime, etc etc....

But I finally got ahead to doing this.

Chaos Saga tells the story of Era Memory- but more importantly, the people revolving Era Memory. It's a hard thing to do, I know; interacting with Era, half-crazed, battle-hungry, willful and unpredictable character he is. The fact that, over the years, he's grown strong (Yes, I dare say so- unless anyone refutes me? The floor is open.) doesn't help. But to those people who have stuck around, endured Era's whims, or even encountered him without a fight once; I think you guys deserve a round of applause.

Especially to Era's dear Brother, the one and only person who had truely stuck by him all this while. Fayt.

Emo speech over, let's get this party cracking. I've got the prizes for the 1st ep approved and ready here (except for the Megacard thing- that needs a seperate approval.) So feel free to claim anytime you want.

Best RPer Award (Yukihana MegaCard- in making):

Virus Slayer (Bombalizer Card):

Medal of Justice (SonicSword):

Fuck You Death (AttackPanel Card):

Hero Sidekick (2000z):

Evil Minion (2000z):
Ultimate Beast

Thank you for your warm particpation and your patience in waiting for these to come out. I'll release the prizes for other topics some time soon. Int he meantime, have fun RPing, SFRP!

...For all you who read the topic, roll a 6-sided die here and collect 500z. Cheers for freebies.
Edited by Lastdesire, Oct 16 2011, 12:59 AM.
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Sakurai Reika- NGZK46 Captain

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Posted Image

Inception; Spoiler in a Spoiler

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Van of Team Dai-Gurren
...Well. Far be it from me to skip out on free stuff, certainly not something that will give me triple 0s in my zenny total. I'll grab it with a minuscule amount of joy.

You rolled a: 3!
Member Avatar
Doing the Impossibru.

Because Spoiler-ception is the new Spoiler
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Good Ol' Random1
Claiming Sonic Sword and 500z. Thanks for the plot, Last! ^^

You rolled a: 6!
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Undercover Cop & Shadowy Manipulator

Phil and Random
Vanessa and Kir-Nah
N00b and Dismembered- (<- Includes sig info)
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I'm not exactly sure if I can collect this freebie, but if so, I'm taking it =D


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Resident Ninja

Bask in Le Spoilers
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Thank you, Last. It's always a pleasure RPing with you, especially in such a wonderful plot.

Claiming Yukihana Mega (I'll put it on my sig just as a reminder), Bombalizer and 500z.

Member Avatar
Adulterer with enthusiasm

La la la

Warning: Tons of Spoilers Ahead
Goto Top Offline Profile
I guess I only get 2500 z total then.

Oh well More money for me.

You rolled a: 6!
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Thunder, Fire, Water, Wood


Battle Cards

Zenny: 42,500z
other s***
Goto Top Offline Profile
Hopefully we still got some RPing to do together Last lol, anyways guess I will collect.

New Total: 49,000z

You rolled a: 5!
Member Avatar
Right or Wrong, It's my life And I choose how to live it.

Daisuke And Jimmy


Posted Image
Goto Top Offline Profile
Good Ol' Sen. Armstrong
Claiming that 500z(New Total:16500z). The RP isn't the same without the crazy lad running around, putting people in their places :(

You rolled a: 5!
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Capt. Mega Sparrow Iron Bat Raiden of the Order of the Falcon

Posted Image

Zenny: 6500z
Noise Frags: 1
Callisto Virus Thread Pass: Okudama Studios Round 1(Dia Iceburn)
Owner of the Dino Rock(Callisto)
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Claiming. Just because the thread isn't closed. [result]6&6,d6,0,6&d6[/result]
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I care. Do you?

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Thread locked. This was meant to be a limited deal, not a never ending one. You can keep your free 500z if you read the first episode, since it's just 500z.
Edited by Omega, Jan 17 2013, 08:54 PM.
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There is ALWAYS a possibility

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