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Infamy on the Airwaves [Closed]
Topic Started: Feb 8 2012, 08:20 PM (689 Views)
The lights in the lobby of Okuduma Studio flickered before turning off completely. Several wireless electronics also lost their power for an unexplained reason, leaving the people in Okuduma confused and a little frightened. There had been no scheduled maintanence, no bad weather, and no reason why such an event would occur, but the fears of the employees would turn out to be true. Soon after the strange phenomenon, the doors were burst opened to reveal 5 Wave Warriors armed with their weapon of choice.

"Nobody move. Just sit there quietly and let us go about our business."

One of the figures had his pistols pointed at the small crowd of people who were beyond terrified at what was happening. Another figure walked around casually with his two swords out as he looked around the room. One of the security officers reached for his gun, but the next thing the guard would see was a flash from his gun being sliced in two. "Nu-uh~. I wouldn't do that if I were you~." He gave his allies a nod before they continued on through the building quickly.

People quickly moved out of the way as the group went straight to the broadcasting room. They didnít meet any opposition as they made their way down one of the hallways. The man with the pin striped suit took a different direction with bag in hand as he gave a passing remark. "Donít forget. 10 minutes."

The group burst opened the doors to one of the live recording studios, taking charge of the room quickly and with style. They kept their weapons drawn as they gave orders. "Hey! How are you guys? This is pretty exciting, isnít it?"

"FOCUS!" Edge said rather loudly to Youkaiko.

"Oh, right. I guess we should get down to business, huh?"

As if on cue, power returned back to the building, accompanied by a rather annoying alarm. Everything just magically started working once again as if nothing had happened. "Woooooah! Neat! That guy was right about the lights! Too bad he couldn't leave the mute button on." The figure that spoke was rather small, even though he had a rather large decorative sword on his back. Youkaiko moved towards the desk, shooing away the people that were in the camera shot.

"Alright guys, we should get this moving. Maybe our new friends can help us get this stuff going. What do you say? Lend us a hand?"

The camera crew looked around nervously before moving slowly and clumsily around. They had everything set up in no time, sending Youkaiko straight onto the airwaves.

"Hello! This is Youkaiko of Team Hanzai-Sha speaking. Me and my team have taken over Okuduma Studios to send out this little message, which is pretty cool if you ask me. Anyway, weíre officially on the crime scene now, so all you do-gooders out there better keep an eye out for us. We mean business, and to prove it, weíll be attacking another location relatively soon! If any of you would like to join us thenÖ.then....uhÖ.What should they do?" He gave a confused glance towards the gunslinger, who just seemed to roll his eyes. Apparently that was enough for Youkaiko. "Oh! Meet us in Willshire Hillís Back Alley 3 days from now. Thatíll work, right? Iím sure it-"

Youkaiko would be cut off by the sound of an explosion below them. The power went out once again, only this time it wasnít going to return anytime soon. That was their cue to leave, so the group gathered themselves up and headed towards the far wall in the room. In Youkaikoís hand was a bomb, which he casually tossed up and down. "Well thanks for the help guys. Take care!" He threw the bomb at the wall, destroying a pretty good portion of the wall for their getaway. The others inside of the building also made their way out, taking different directions to make them harder to catch. They were out just as quickly as they were in.

Despite such a huge break in, the Satella Police didnít show up until Team Hanzai-Sha had fled the scene an hour later.


Underneath the Okuduma building was a large room of servers and various vital functions that ran the studio. A massive mainframe took up most of the room, but there was a small office nearby for Okuduma's IT department. The room was cool, almost cold, to keep the servers at a low temperature. Most of the time, this room was left alone, so it was sometimes several days before someone came down and checked things out. It was simply underneath the building in a basement, but it's construction made it almost impossible to hear anything that went on above. As a result, Brian Sochall was completely oblivious to what was going on.

Brian was checking out the servers, making sure everything was running fine so Okuduma could continue to run smoothly. He didn't come here often, but when he did he normally spent a lot of time checking things and making sure the Okuduma IT department was taking care of the mainframe. He had showed up and was a little surprise that nobody was down there to meet him, but this wasn't the first time this had happened to him. With most of the staff clueless as to how their Hunter VGs worked, let alone a computer, the Okuduma IT spent most of their time running around helping celeberties or directors work their new gadgets and whatnot. Brian didn't think anything of it until the lights began to flicker. He looked around nervously, but he wouldn't see much before the room turned pitch black. Letting out a sigh, he scratched the back of his as he sat down on the floor and began to wait. "Well this is great...the power's out. Again"

5 minutes would pass before anything would happen. On the top of the staircase leading to the first room floor was the flickering light of a flame. A man with a cigarette in his mouth was lighting up a smoke, but Brian couldn't really make out the face. He wouldn't have to stare for long before the lights turned back on, forcing Brian to squint from the sudden change of light. He took another good look at the man and his eyes grew wide.

"W-What are you doing here Z?!"

Z took a puff from his cigarette, casually exhaling the smoke as the threw his smoke to the bottom of the stairs. He picked up the rather large bag at his feet and made his way down the stairs. "You look surprised, Mr. Sochall. I would think with our past relationship that you'd be a little happier to see me."

Brian swallowed nervously as he backed away from Z. "O-Oh. Well...I'm just...confused...how'd you find me?"

Z gave a light chuckle as he dropped the bag. "You should know that no one can hide from me. If I want to find someone, I find them. Simple as that."

There was an awkward silence as Brian simply stared at Z. "...oh!~ You want to know how I found you here. Well the funny thing is that you're not actually supposed to be here. I know the good gentlemen at AMAKEN had you scheduled to do some consulting today, just not here. I needed to make sure we could talk in private, so I pulled some strings and got you 'rescheduled' for here. Your superiors actually think you took off to spend some quality time with your family."

"S-So the power surge? That was you?"

"But of course. You remember our little project I had you do, don't you?"

"How did you get it running? I wasn't even close to getting that thing functioning."

"Don't be naive, Sochell." Z walked closer. "You aren't the only one who knows something about engineering. You do, however, have something I need." He reached inside of his jacket pocket and pulled out a pistol. "I'm going to need your wallet, if you please."

Brian was already sweating profusely, but as soon as Z pulled out the gun his body started shaking. He reached into his back pocket and did what was asked of him. He could barely hold onto it from the sweat that drenched his palms and the controllable movement of his hand. His lips moved to speak, but only a single syllable would come out.



Brian fell to the floor, dropping his wallet on the floor. The man in the suit and long pony tail bent over and picked up what he was looking for. He opened it, checking to make sure the AMAKEN ID was still in there. "Thank you Mr. Sochall. You'll be able to finish what you started after all." He put his gun and the wallet in his jacket as he left the room, pulling out a small switch as he closed the doors. With a flick, the bag he had left exploded, blowing the doors open and turning the place back to darkness. A slim smile was on his lips as he casually walked out of a fire escape door to join his fellow member of Team Hanzai-Sha.
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