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Triangulum, the Fallen Star
Topic Started: Feb 26 2012, 12:20 PM (527 Views)
EM Being:
Name: Triangulum

Gender: Alpha: Neuter vocalisations. Beta: Masculine vocalisations. Gamma: Feminine vocalisations.

Description: Three glowing, scintillating floating objects, which hover at what would be the corners of an equilateral triangle with side length half a meter. The objects continually spin around what would be their center point, and emit a strong white light at all times. Triangulum generally floats about a meter above the ground, but has demonstrated true flight capability.

Biography: Throughout history, there have been stories of mysterious floating lights, luring travellers in the dark away from the safe paths. From will o' wisps to ghosts, all across the world they have captured the imaginations of the credulous and earned the scorn of the sceptical. However, it was only in the mid- to late-20th century that people began to consider the idea that they might be extra-terrestrials...

Triangulum is an electro-magnetic being born at the heart of a star, thousands of years ago. Millions like it were created there, flung in all directions when the star eventually went nova. Most met their ends, either in the initial blast or simply from the risks of wandering lost and alone in a hostile universe. However, one had the good fortune to be launched directly towards Earth. Even at light speed, the journey took millenia, and Triangulum was quite mad when it arrived. Since then it has picked up quite a following, mostly of alien-lovers and sky-watchers who ascribe significance to both its movements and its insane ramblings, composed of whatever fragments of language it has managed to pick up. Those who have spent considerable time in its presence even claim to have heard the music of the spheres...

Personality: Triangulum is completely mad. It floats from place to place seemingly at random, following whims and a bizarre logic clear only to itself, which seems to change every second. When not communicating directly with something, each part of it independently rambles out loud. It is especially fixated on the number three, and has been known to spend hours repeating common phrases relating to the number over and over again.

Name: Varies

Age: Varies

Gender: Varies

Description: Varies

Personality: Varies

Biography: On occasion, Triangulum will possess a human and form a wave conversion, although something about humans who have wave changed with other wave beings in the past prevents it from using them. When the whim to do so takes it, it usually has no difficulty selecting a victim, as it is constantly followed by a variety of obsessives. However, it shows no preference for possessing its fans, and in fact appears not to have any criteria for choosing who it converts with. Those chosen for the process are left blinded, their eyes burned out by Triangulum's light, and are frequently inspired by their contact with it to go on to create something - a piece of music, a poem, anything to express what they felt during their time with it.

Wave Conversion
Name: Triangulum

Element: Chaos

Sub Element: Wind

Gender: Depends on human.

Description: As the possessed victim, with the notable exception that in each of their eyes, and in the centre of their forehead, a point of light shines. This is where Triangulum resides for the duration. Unfortunately, this renders the host completely blind afterwards - although some of the more fanatical would call this a gift, that they might better focus on the experience they shared with the being. The host talks nonsense continuously, echoing the rambling of its possessor. Bizarrely, it sometimes seems like more than one voice speaks.

-Starlight - Triangulum shines with the radiance of the stars. It is difficult to look directly at its host's face, or at the lights of Triangulum itself. Sunglasses or similar methods of tinting vision will help with this.

-Fast-Burning Fusion Reaction - The host starts becoming weaker from the moment the wave conversion begins. This manifests as slower reflexes, slower movement speed, lesser ability to fight etc, until the conversion is completely unsustainable and forced to end. The longest observed conversion lasted 30 minutes.

-Unpredictable - Triangulum is the driving force behind the conversion, and acts as randomly given human flesh as it does normally. It doesn't necessarily do what's in its own best interests.

-Fear the Void - Triangulum spent millenia in the empty blackness of space. As a consequence, darkness beyond what is natural on Earth (at least, natural within and around cities) instils great fear into Triangulum, causing it to attempt to retreat. This is possibly the only predictable feature of its personality.

Weapon 1
Weapon Name: Offensive Techniques
Weapon Description: Triangulum attempts to harm something through energy manipulations.

1. Attack Name: Alpha
Element: Chaos
Description: The host closes their right eye. Alpha materialises in the host's right hand and fires a half-meter-wide blast of chaotic plasma. Afterwards, Alpha disappears and the host opens their eye again.
Damage: Moderate

2. Attack Name: Beta
Element: Chaos
Description: The host closes their left eye. Beta materialises in the host's left hand and launches a semi-harmless blast of energy which explodes violently and chaotically in an area 1 meter wide on contact with the ground, but otherwise passes through living matter with no ill effects to either projectile or matter. The blast is affected by gravity. Afterwards, Beta disappears and the host opens their eye again.
Damage: Moderate

Weapon 2
Weapon Name: Defensive Techniques
Weapon Description: Triangulum attempts to protect itself using energy manipulation.

1. Attack Name: Gamma
Element: Null
Description: The light at the center of the host's forehead vanishes. Gamma materialises in front of the host and projects an energy barrier around them. Gamma then disappears, and the light at the center of the host's forehead reappears. Once used, it cannot be used again for ten turns.
Damage: N/A (Moderate health)

2. Attack Name: Delta
Element: Wind
Description: The host closes both eyes and the light at the center of their forehead disappears. Triangulum appears around the host: Alpha in front, Beta behind and to the left and Gamma behind and to the right. They spin rapidly around the host, then a burst of air with a 2m radius erupts from the host, knocking everything around the host away. Triangulum then returns to the host's head, and the host opens their eyes. This attack requires three turns between uses, for reasons currently unknown.
Damage: Pathetic, Wind effect
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