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[Crime] Sweeeet, Sweet Villainy!~
Topic Started: Sep 12 2013, 11:45 PM (653 Views)
Ok ok, so Geo needed some quick money. It's not like he was a master criminal or anything, this was just a quick thing, he was gonna step in and stake-out the place for a few days until the perfect moment where he could..."borrow" the money he needed. Hey, he had to get battle chips somehow, and a weekly allowance just wasn't doing it for him. Eh, who cares? He was the right-hand man for the Sunset Crime Syndicate, so he might as well get used to it. A candy shop was the perfect place to start, barely anyone expected someone to steal a bit of pocket change from that place.

He stood on the opposite side of the candy shop, letting people pass him as he waited for his moment. He had his headphones in, and he was leaning against the shop opposite from it, a cinnabon shop that smelled heavenly, but he wasn't there to eat. Even if it was...tempting...shaking himself out of it, he checked his watch. 9:58 PM, almost closing time. Geo pushed off the wall, and looked around him to make sure nobody was paying too much attention to him. When he was sure the coast was clear, he pulled out his Hunter, spinning it in his hand. Going for a less flashy Wave Change, Void appeared only for a second, quickly pixelizing and coating Geo in his non-guised form. The cloak he wore materialized last, billowing around him, making him look more evil than he actually was.

Voidman's mask, now violet with bold black on the sides, appeared over his mouth, and his visor, now a dark violet color, slid down over his eyes. "Void, we're heading in. Is there any easy entry point available?" He tried to keep this as professional as possible, since he was practicing for the real thing, essentially. Void analyzed the area through Voidman's visor, pinpointing two locations for him, "There's an entry through the Wave Road above the shop, but that's guarded by two security viruses. There's also a route through the shop that's located right next to it, which has been closed down for repairs, so security is less strict there."

After a couple of moments weighing his options, Voidman decided to go for the less-noticeable route. Using his levitations boots to boost him upwards on the Wave Road, he landed easily without anyone noticing, changing his wavelength so that he was invisible to the human eye. Before he could feel regret or hesitation, he ran for the abandoned shop, taking a quick right as he got in with no problem. When he reached the candy shop's wave road, he pulled out an invisibility card, making him invisible to even wave warriors now.

All he had to do now was wait....
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Void of Justice

Jet Yǔzhu

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"Geo....Geo, wake up! It's just about time!"

"Uh...? Wait...where- Oh..OH!"

Voidman sat straight up on the abandoned Wave Road he had conked out on for the third time that week. Staking out a place was harder than it looked like, and he had only stayed up as long as he did because of Void. Now it was his perfect chance to take the Zenny he wanted and leave, and he was just sitting here, thinking about how tired he was. Void materialized from his shoulder, and took a bite out of his cheek,

"WAKE UP!! C'mon, hurry!!"

"OUCH! Ok, I'm going!"

Voidman quickly got up and stretched out, no point in being all stiff, right? Void had been right, the security's schedule had been set so the shop was completely unguarded for 5 minutes each night. Only Void would be attentive enough to notice it though, but Geo decided to focus on the task at hand this time instead of thinking about how incompetent he was. He reached the safe in the back room of the shop and changed his frequency, so he was able to push his hand right through and grab the Zenny. Suddenly alarms went off, and he could hear some security trying to open the locked doors.

"Void, let's get out of here, quick."

When Geo had grabbed the last bit of money he needed, he let himself drop through the floor right as the guards burst through the door. Then he travelled through the wave roads and made it to his house in a matter of seconds, letting his conversion dissipate. Geo collapsed on the bed, the stolen Zenny clutched in his hand, and a slight smile on his face,

"We need to do that again."
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Void of Justice

Jet Yǔzhu

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